Weaver Stands by his Story

Wayne Weaver went on record this morning denying a report made by the Philadelphia Daily News that the Jaguars were indeed for sale. This is a familiar stance by Weaver, as he's maintained his loyalty to the area despite turbulent economic times for his team.

"In light of news reports from last night, I must once again reiterate the fact that I am not selling the Jaguars," said the Jaguars owner. "The team is not for sale, and I cannot say it any more clearly than that. I'm not going to speculate about the future - whatever happens in the future, the Jaguars will be the Jacksonville Jaguars. The situation is the same as it was last year when I explained that we were looking into refinancing some debt and the possibility of adding investors. We chose not to, but that has always been an option. That is the situation now, as it was then."

Despite the Jaguars sluggish ticket sales and the team struggling to turn a profit in one of the country's smallest TV markets, Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver has invested better than $100 million in contracts to his quarterback, numerous free agents, and his head coach, Jack Del Rio. Weaver went on to explain—

"The clearest example I can offer which demonstrates my commitment to this team and this city is our offseason activity this year. We extended lucrative contracts to our head coach, our quarterback, and several veteran players. And we spent aggressively in free agency as well. Those are not moves that are made if a team is going to be sold. I don't know how I can be any stronger in reconfirming my commitment to bringing a championship to Jacksonville."

Weaver's Jaguars team is considered by many as a legitimate Super Bowl contender, but despite that fact, tickets are still available. This could be more of a sign of the economic climate, rather than the passion for the team.

"We're excited and energized about the upcoming season and we want our fans to be as excited as we are," said Wayne Weaver.

With the lack of population in the Jacksonville area, the current economic climate, as well as the fact that the Jaguars are one of three franchises that divide the state of Florida, Weaver's team must overachieve to stay afloat in the world of big market teams with new stadiums, and enormous stadium naming rights deals.

Weaver has remained steadfast in his denials that the team is or ever was for sale, but if they still have blackouts even with all the success that the team has experienced in the last few years, the Jaguars owner would be foolish to dismiss all thoughts of selling the franchise, especially considering the financial windfall that would ensue.

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