Jaguars Training Camp Tips

The Jaguars begin their training camp, which is open to the public on Saturday morning at 10:15 a.m. JagNation has a few tips for the thousands that will be in attendance over the next few weeks.

1. Don't always watch the ball. A lot happens in passing drills. The offensive line blocks, receivers run routes while hopefully covered by corners and safeties, and the quarterbacks deliver the football. It is natural to follow the ball and follow the results of the play. Take time out to watch the lines work and watch the receivers work against the corners. Notice which players can get open and how quickly.

2. Wide receivers must step up. With the injuries to Jerry Porter and Reggie Williams, the Jaguars will need a wide receiver to take charge and be "the man." Will it be Troy Williamson or Mike Walker? Will Matt Jones live make the most of the final opportunity the Jaguars gave him? Don't forget about John Broussard.

3. Ignore special teams. There's no pressure or hitting on special teams in training camp. Punters (or punter in the Jaguars case) should be booming the ball, and the kicking game should be accurate. If it's not, it's probably no big deal at this point.

4. The passing game is usually sloppy. The passing game takes timing and the team hasn't put enough work in to get that timing early on. Although the Jaguars have an ascending quarterback in David Garrard, the defense should be ahead of the offense for the first few weeks.

5. Wear sunblock and a hat. It's normally pretty brutal out there and it's easy to get burned. Also, if you're headed to the Saturday evening practice, get there early and stop by the JagNation tent. We'll be giving away hot dogs and taking donations for, providing tickets to children's groups that normally would not be able to attend games.

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