Overrated / Underrated Fantasy Quarterbacks

Entering your fantasy draft, it's easy to get caught up with watching ESPN, the NFL Network, and reading many of the numerous periodicals and websites dedicated to fantasy football. Rule #1 is not to get caught up in the hype. Here are some players, who in our opinion, are overrated (often drafted too high), and some undervalued players, sleepers if you will.

Some of our overrated quarterbacks include the Bengals Carson Palmer, the Eagles Donovan McNabb, and the Browns Derek Anderson.

Carson Palmer
Can you say distractions? Chad Johnson is a head case, Chris Henry was cut (then suspended). Although the Bengals bread and butter offensively has been from the arm of Palmer, they could focus more on the running game in 2008. Palmer is great quarterback, but be careful on how high you pick him

Donovan McNabb
There are several issues associated with taking Donovan McNabb. First and foremost, he appears to be in his twilight. Injuries have become the norm for McNabb, not an anomaly. Can you remember the last time he threw for over 20 TDs in a season? With Kevin Curtis as his number one wide receiver option, it might be a while before the talented McNabb puts out some good fantasy production.

Derek Anderson
This guy came out of no where last year and lit it up. That's great news if you selected him late or as a free agent in 2007. The real question is-- was he a flash in the pan? He really tapered off toward the end when they needed him for the playoff push. Brady Quinn sitting in the wings doesn't help, especially being that Cleveland has a tough opening schedule and is likely to struggle.

Now remember these are good quarterbacks that will likely produce. Just don't go after them too early.

Some of our possible quarterback sleepers include the Jaguars David Garrard, the Packers Aaron Rodgers, and the Cardinals Matt Leinart.

David Garrard
Lost in a team with no media love, Garrard seems to be ascending toward the top 10 of NFL quarterbacks. A great running game will hurt his stats a bit, but his offensive line should keep him healthy for the entire season (last year's injury being somewhat of a fluke). Now with a full year under his belt without the Leftwich distractions, this guy has plenty of upside. If the receiving corps gets healthy by the beginning of the year, Garrard will have some very underrated weapons, as he likes to spread the ball around. Tight end Mercedes Lewis is poised for a big season as he is eager to show why he was a first-round pick.

Aaron Rodgers
Hopefully the Favre circus will not affect him. Rodgers has spent three seasons in the Green Bay system, and is very familiar with the playbook. Add in some great targets in Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, and James Jones, and Rodgers could put up some solid numbers in an offense that was very productive a year ago.

Matt Leinart
Matt should be the starting quarterback for the Cards, and this may be his final chance to succeed in Arizona, so he should be extra motivated. Fitzgerald and Boldin are two of the best targets in the league, and Edgerrin James can catch the ball out of the backfield. Leinart has been looking good in camp and is more familiar with the playbook. He won't be a high draft pick, so Leinart could really be a sleeper this year.

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