Trader Jack - Part I (2003-2004)

Rosters are built through the draft, and the draft has involved many teams trading in recent years. In last April's draft, there were 33 deals made by various teams, with the Jaguars being one of the biggest participants. JagNation is going to take a peek back in time and see how the Jaguars have done with their draft-time deals in the Jack Del Rio era. We're going to start with the 2003 and 2004.


Jacksonville traded the No. 143 pick to Chicago in exchange for the No. 176, No. 193 and No. 218 picks. Chicago drafted Missouri WR Justin Gage with the No. 143 pick. Jacksonville drafted Rice DE Brandon Green with the No. 176 pick, Howard OT Marques Ogden with the No. 193 pick and USC RB Malaefou MacKenzie with the No. 218 pick.

Analysis: The Jaguars were clearly in rebuilding mode and needed more players. Green was with the Jaguars for two seasons before moving on to St. Louis. Ogden and MacKenzie combined to play in one game for the Jaguars over one season, and neither obviously was much of a factor.

Hindsight: Advantage Bears. Although Justin Gage is hardly a world-beater, he is a very functional wide receiver that is still in the league.


Green Bay traded its second-round pick (No. 55) to Jacksonville for the Jaguars' third- and fourth-round picks (Nos. 70 and 102). Jacksonville selected Florida State RB Greg Jones with the No. 55 pick. Green Bay selected Montana State CB Joey Thomas with the No. 70 pick and traded the No. 102 pick to Miami.

Analysis: Greg Jones is one of the best fullbacks in the game, despite battling through two torn ACL's. Jones was a Pro Bowl alternate a year ago and signed the biggest deal for a fullback in NFL history.

Hindsight: Advantage Jaguars. Thomas was a non-factor for Green Bay and with the 102nd pick, Miami took CB Will Poole from USC. After playing 15 games in his rookie season with the Dolphins, Poole hasn't appeared in a game and is currently trying to make the Chiefs roster.

Jacksonville traded its third-round pick (No. 72) to Green Bay for the Packers' third- and fourth-round picks (Nos. 86 and 118). Green Bay selected Clemson DT Donnell Washington with the No 72 pick. Jacksonville selected Nevada LB Jorge Cordova with the No. 86 pick and Delta State DT Anthony Maddox with the No. 118 pick.

Analysis: Once again, following a 5-11 season the Jaguars needed more players and talent than anything else. Jorge Cordova was mostly injured during his three plus year tenure in Jacksonville, but played in 15 games for the team. Maddox stuck around in Jacksonville for two seasons before moving onto Houston, where he is still on their roster.

Hindsight: Advantage Jaguars. Donnell Washington never played in a game for Green Bay or anyone else.

Baltimore traded its fourth-round pick (No. 120) to Jacksonville for WR Kevin Johnson. Jacksonville selected Virginia Tech WR Ernest Wilford with the No. 120 pick.

Analysis: Ernest Wilford was a fan favorite in Jacksonville from his rookie season until his departure via free agency earlier this spring. Wilford was a very productive possession receiver with the Jaguars.

Hindsight: Advantage Jaguars. Kevin Johnson was a nice player with good hands, but he played just one season with Baltimore before ending his career in Detroit in 2005.

Houston traded its fifth-round pick (No. 159) to Jacksonville for the Jaguars' sixth- and seventh-round picks (Nos. 175 and 210). Jacksonville selected Illinois OT Sean Bubin with the No. 159 pick. Houston selected Nebraska FS Jammal Lord with the No. 175 pick and Rutgers LB Raheem Orr with the No. 210 pick.

Analysis: The Jaguars thought they could find a diamond in the rough with Sean Bubin, but were disappointed as he never played a game with the team.

Hindsight: Advantage Texans, slightly. Lord played in one game with Houston and Orr never suited up for the team.

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