Coaching Changes Affecting Fantasy?

Can coaching changes affect a players' performance? Yes. Particularly head coach and offensive coordinator. Here are some changes you may want to keep an eye on.

Washington Redskins
Joe Gibbs is replaced by ex-offensive co-coordinator Jim Zorn, and the offensive co-coordinator position now belongs to Sherman Smith, technically. Smith was the Titans RB guru for many years and coincidentally played alongside Zorn in Seattle back in the day. The Skins use a West Coast type offense and may take QB Jason Campbell time to adjust. This is an area where coaching changes may affect a player. On the positive side, it may bolster Clinton Portis' value.

Atlanta Falcons
After the Mike Vick incident put the team in a tailspin and "coach" Bobby Petrino bailed out, this team was in self destruct mode. They have regrouped for 2008 and may finally find some cohesiveness. Mike Smith will take over as head coach and Mike Mularky as offensive coordinator. Smith was the defensive coordinator for the Jags last season, so his primary concern will be to fix the once respectable Falcons "D". Mularky is an interesting guy. He likes to use trick plays more than nearly anyone and always has some kind of gadget play up his sleeve. But, he seems to be a run first type of coach which could mean a decent year for newly acquired Michael Turner.

San Francisco 49ers
One name, Mike Martz. Although the 49'ers best weapon is Frank Gore, Martz is known for his air attack. He just may not have the personnel to achieve what he wants. But he is stubborn and will keep trying. If Gore can be utilized like Marshall Faulk, Martz's star fantasy pupil in St. Louis, he could have a top fantasy season. TE Vernon Davis may also be a benefactor here.

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