Overrated / Underrated Fantasy Wide Receivers

Entering your fantasy draft, it's easy to get caught up with watching ESPN, the NFL Network, and reading many of the numerous periodicals and websites dedicated to fantasy football. Rule #1 is not to get caught up in the hype. Here are some players, who in our opinion, are overrated (often drafted too high), and some undervalued players, sleepers if you will.

Some of our overrated receivers include Greg Jennings of the Packers, Chad Johnson of the Bengals, and Braylon Edwards of the Browns.

Greg Jennings - Green Bay Packers

Many of Jennings TD's came from Brett Favre bombs, and sometimes those were just reckless heaves up into the air, but hey, that was Favre's trademark. Now that Aaron Rodgers is at the helm, we won't see much of that. If your scoring system rewards you for length of TDs, this will hurt also. Jennings will still be drafted fairly high in many leagues, but for him to replicate another 12 TDs like last year remains to be seen, and is highly unlikely.

Chad Johnson - Cincinnati Bengals
Although the loss of troubled wide receiver Chris Henry may benefit Chad somewhat, his off season antics may be a prelude as what to expect during the regular season. In many fantasy drafts he is rated in the top ten, but will he be a top ten WR this year? We think he may drop off somewhat. All that it would take for the temperamental Chad to turn into a fantasy bust is to have a nagging injury and a few miscues with Carson Palmer. Then just wait for the implosion. A great competitor, with great talent. Too bad his attitude doesn't match.

Braylon Edwards - Cleveland Browns

Edwards is ranked in the top five in many drafts. Although a talented receiver, we're not sold on the QB situation in Cleveland. Derek Anderson seemed to slump during the playoff stretch, and Brady Quinn is chomping at the bit. Adding Donte Stallworth to the mix will spread the ball around a little more as well. Having Edwards as your primary WR in your fantasy league may be somewhat risky, since he is also known to be a head case when things don't go his way.

A few of our underrated, sleeper wide receivers include veterans Bobby Engram of the Seahawks, the Colts' Marvin Harrison, and the 'Niners Isaac Bruce.

Bobby Engram - Seattle Seahawks
He was the Seahawks go to guy last year, and it looks like they may be a pass happy offense again this year. Engram, according to many forecasts and mock drafts is being picked/ranked between the 30th to 40th best receiver. If you can get him that late in your draft, you've got a potential steal. Matt Hasselbeck is still a good QB and may target Engram often

Marvin Harrison- Indianapolis Colts
Marvin Harrison has been a fantasy stud for a long time, and although he missed a significant time of the 2007 season with a knee injury, Harrison is completely healthy and began training camp on time. Harrison has seemed to be an afterthought in most fantasy drafts, and he's a guy you may be able to pick up in a later round.

Isaac Bruce - San Francisco 49ers
Yes he's older than the turf, but he may have another year left to put up some numbers. Why? Mike Martz. Isaac and Martz were together many years during the Rams' heyday when they lit up the scoreboard. He will be the WR most familiar with Martz' complicated schemes, which,of course, will benefit him. We're not saying Isaac Bruce will lead your team to the crown, but as always, it's usually the sleepers and darkhorses that you draft in the later rounds that hit paydirt for you, and Bruce should be available late.

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