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We all know Jerry Porter had hamstring surgery, but what does that entail, and what is the real timeline of his return? Porter spoke out about his condition, the procedure, and why he came to Jacksonville.

Most sports fans and experts are familiar with knee, ankle, shoulder, and most other surgeries. The procedure that Jaguars wide receiver Jerry Porter underwent was hamstring surgery, which many experts know very little about. Fortunately for JagNation, Jerry Porter explained the procedure that was done by the most famous doctor in sports, Dr. James Andrews who's headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

"The doctor's all said it's something they've rarely seen before," Porter told Sirius NFL Radio. "We treated it like a low hamstring strain or pull and we found out that it tore. The swelling was due to the ligament tearing and rolling up. It looked like a cyst from some doctor's eyes, and if it were a cyst I would've been out the entire year and next year."

If it were indeed a cyst and Porter missed the entire 2008 season and beyond, the Jaguars front office would've been blasted across the board for spending the big money they did on the nine-year veteran receiver. Fortunately for Porter and the Jaguars, Dr. Andrews disagreed with the initial diagnosis and fixed up his hamstring.

"I got a second opinion, went up to see Dr. Andrews, and it was torn and he went in and fixed it. He said he did a procedure similar to what the guys do when they have ACL reconstruction, when they take a hamstring tendon and repair the ACL with that. The guys basically just recover from the ACL and don't have to worry about the hamstring at all because it scars and heals itself. So basically I had an ACL reconstruction with no ACL and I'm just waiting on repair."

The question on most Jaguars fans minds is when will their new number one receiver be ready to play?

"I remember Dr. Andrews coming in and telling me I was safe to bet on being ready for the first game, so that's what I'm aiming for," Porter said. "I'd like to see myself get a little time in practice for the preseason."

Porter is going to need to get some reps in with David Garrard to help get on the same page, and the time Porter is missing is valuable, and he knows it.

"It's killing me (the time he's missing)," said Porter. "I wish I could have a makeshift hamstring put on and go out there and do what I can."

For much of his Oakland career, Jerry Porter has been known as something of a malcontent. To be fair to Porter, the franchise was the definition of dysfunctional for most of his tenure, and losing breeds' conflict. It appears as if the Jaguars high-priced wide receiver has turned the page and has a fresh, new attitude.

"It's an ideal fit," Porter said when he talked about why he came to Jacksonville. "Strong defense, great running game, good young quarterback. It doesn't get any better than that. The team is on the doorstep and it could have very easily beaten New England last year in the playoffs and continued on. The organization felt it needed to address their receiving corps in the offseason to strengthen the passing game and it just worked out in my favor."

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