Spicer Out of Bounds on Harvey

Congratulations to Jaguars first-round pick Derrick Harvey, for accomplishing the longest rookie holdout in team history, surpassing that of former first-round pick Byron Leftwich in 2003. Seemingly everyone has a take on Harvey's negotiations, and recently Jaguars defensive end Paul Spicer weighed in with his thoughts.

"From what I heard, they're a million away," Spicer said, referring to media reports. "If you're a million away, the only guy who benefits is the agent."

It's interesting that Spicer is the player that decided to take a stand, or at least talk about Harvey's potential contract numbers publicly; being that Spicer wasn't in all too different of a situation just a couple months ago.

Paul Spicer missed the team's first eight voluntary workouts this season, as he was holding out for a new deal. Spicer was due $2.5 million before signing a three-year, $10.5 million contract. The average of the three year deal is $3.5 million per year, which is exactly one million dollars more than he was making before, as anyone can tell by doing simple math.

"Take that," Spicer advised Harvey. "Tell your agent I'm tired of sitting at home. It's time to put the toys away, be a man and get down to business."

Why is one million dollars okay for Spicer to miss time, but not Harvey?

A better question would be what would've happened if John Henderson or David Garrard had come out and either blasted Spicer or made his contract numbers public? There would likely be tension in the locker room.

In player-management negotiations, the best policy for other players to take is one of silence. Sure, Derrick Harvey's absence may be hurting the team, but it's not Paul Spicer's position to determine what is a good deal for Harvey to take. Aside from that point, Harvey was drafted to eventually replace either Spicer or Reggie Hayward, so why would Spicer want to compete against Harvey in practice?

In a Monday press conference, Jaguars cornerback Rashean Mathis had a different take on Harvey's holdout—

"He's got to take care of home. We're here waiting on him."

It is surely frustrating for a former seventh-round pick like Spicer, who toiled around on the practice squad and worked hard for all of what he earned, to see a guy who has never played a snap arguing over money that Spicer likely hasn't ever earned in his career. Sorry Paul, that's how the NFL works, it's a young man's game. The young Miami Dolphins left tackle Jake Long showed Spicer how age and athleticism often dominates age and savvy, as he dominated Spicer on Saturday night. Perhaps if Spicer was more concerned about his own play instead of Derrick Harvey's new contract, he wouldn't have been neutralized against the fantastic Miami tackle.

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