10 Things Jaguar Fans Need to See

With the Jaguars lethargic showing against Miami last week, many of the teams fans have their collective hands on the panic button. We aren't completely sure whether last weeks performance was just a poor night or a sign of things to come. Here are some things JagNation.com feels Jaguars fans need to see against Tampa Bay this Saturday.

1. David Garrard needs complete around 55-60% of his passes. So far in the preseason Garrard has completed just 11 of his 24 passes, a measly 46%. Not to mention that 6 of those 11 passes have gone to tight ends and backs, which means he's checking down a lot. I think that we need to see him complete the majority of his passes, and complete them to his wide receivers. He also needs to complete at least one pass over 20 yards, as he's missed them badly so far in the preseason.

2. Mike Walker needs to catch a touchdown. So far in the preseason, receiver Mike Walker has left about 100 yards and 3 touchdowns out on the field. In the first game he dropped a pass on a slant over the middle for an easy touchdown. In the second game Garrard missed him on a would be 50+ yard TD reception, and he dropped a pass from Cleo Lemon in the end zone for what should have been a touchdown when he was trying to show the ball to the referee.

3. Knock down the quarterback. Simply put, the Jacksonville Jaguars need to get after the Bucs QB's. Aside from Mkristo Bruce in the preseason opener against the Falcons, the Jaguars have had no pass rush to speak of.

4. Get pressure with the starting front four. Piggybacking on point number three, the Jaguars need to manufacture some pressure on the quarterback with their starting front four. Be it from the defensive tackle spot or one of the ends, someone needs to show something. Make the quarterback move in the pocket, make him roll out, make him force a throw, just make something happen.

5. Brian Williams needs to make a play. Brian Williams was moved to strong safety in the off season and was given much praise for how he transitioned to the position. Well, after watching all of camp and the Miami Dolphins game, Williams leaves a lot to be desired. He's been outplayed in camp by his new back up, Gerald Sensabaugh who also made a lot of plays in the first preseason game as a starter, and Williams was caught out of position many times in his first live game action at the position. Brian Williams needs to stand out and do something at the safety spot if he doesn't want to lose his starting role.

6. The offensive line needs to push around the defensive line and protect David Garrard. In the first preseason game, the offensive line looked very good, however in the second preseason game they allowed David Garrard to be hit way too many times. The tackles in particular, need to play better and not allow pressure on the quarterback.

7. The defensive line needs to push around the offensive line. In the past two preseason games, the defensive line has been out physicaled by each of the teams it has faced. Teams have not lined up in the power eye and forced it down the Jaguars throats, but they have been able to push around their defensive line and run the ball.

8. Justin Durant needs to slow down, Daryl Smith needs to shed a block, and Mike Peterson needs to stop looking his age. Durant has shown his speed and athleticism so far in the preseason however, hr has been caught over pursuing ball carriers quite often. Daryl Smith, who normally sheds blocks with ease, has been blocked out of stretch plays and various other running plays. Mike Peterson, on the other hand, seems to be showing his age. He does not look as fast or reactionary as he has in the past.

9. There needs to be more passes to the tight ends in the deep seam. Marcedes Lewis was drafted to be a receiving threat down the middle of the field and it is time to see it. Greg Estandia and Charles Davis have also shown the ability to get open down the field. Instead of throwing it to the tight ends for a 4-6 yard gain, it is time to hit them down the field for a 15-20 yard gain, they've been open.

10. The Jaguars need to avoid injuries. The Jaguars have suffered plenty so far in the off season and can't afford to have another starter go down. As with all preseason games; the number one goal is to come out of it healthy.

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