Shoe Horn In for Jaguars?

With the news of former Pro Bowl receiver Joe Horn being released from Atlanta, there have been widespread reports about his agent contacting several NFL teams including the Jaguars. With the Jaguars current rash of injuries at the wide receiver position, would Horn be the right fit in Jacksonville?

One of the Jaguars biggest questions on offense is certainly at wide receiver, as both projected starters, Jerry Porter and Reggie Williams haven't played in preseason, and neither has practiced in weeks. Last season's receptions leader, Dennis Northcutt hasn't caught a pass in the preseason, and Troy Williamson is battling leg injuries. To put it simply, the Jaguars have plenty of potential in their wide receiver corps, but the team has not seen much results.

A potential solution to their questions is free agent wideout Joe Horn. Horn has reliable hands, runs good routes, and has earned four Pro Bowl selections. With better than 600 career receptions, nearly 9000 yards receiving, and 58 touchdowns, Horn's credentials are considerably better than anyone else on the Jaguars roster at his position.

So why wouldn't you want to add a player of Horn's considerable talent? Because it's not 2004, the last year he was a top player. At this point in his career, Horn is just a guy. He's 36 years old and his presence would likely take away an opportunity from a player who has been in training camp and earned a roster spot. Horn doesn't have much upside left, and at this time is he really better than Matt Jones? Can he get open like Mike Walker? I'm not sure I would take him over D'Juan Woods or Ryan Hoag, who have simply done everything possible to try and earn a roster spot.

I'm not sure where a 36-year old wide receiver who caught 27 passes a year ago fits in the NFL, much less with a team with young, unpolished talent on the outside. Joe Horn may have been a viable option if he were available at the beginning of camp, but at this point he'd have to learn a new system, get on the same page with a new quarterback, and with his declining skill level it just doesn't seem like a good gamble for the team. Horn's signing would hurt the confidence of the Jaguars young players, and likely wouldn't help the team in the short or long run.

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