Garrard Rebounds

Those were sighs of relief heard around Jacksonville Saturday night following David Garrard's 10-for-16 passing for 116 yards and two scores against Tampa Bay in the Jaguars' 23-17 win over the Bucs.

Garrard had not looked good in the team's first two games against Atlanta and Miami, posting just a 58.9 quarterback rating in which he completed just 45.8 percent of his passes and had no passing TDs in the two games.

But Garrard's 98.4 passer rating against the Buccaneers quelled some of the concern that had popped up following the first two contests. And while the Jaguars QB almost doubled his QB rating from the first two games, he did throw his first interception of the year; three completions, 51 passing yards and a TD came in the third quarter against the Bucs' second-team defense and Garrard was sacked twice in the first half.

"I was very happy with the way things worked tonight," Garrard said afterward. "It was a good night and we need to build on it. I was happy with the receivers. Hopefully we can get Jerry Porter back and get him going."

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