Jaguars at Redskins: Preseason Preview

Preseason will finally be finished after Thursday night's game, and the Jaguars took nearly all of it to sign first-round pick Derrick Harvey. At this point it is undetermined whether or not the Jaguars starters will play in their finale, but hopefully Jacksonville fans will catch their first glimpses of Harvey in teal.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Washington Redskins
Thursday, August 28th, 2008, 7:30 p.m.
Fed Ex Field, Landover, MD
2007 records- Jacksonville- 12-6, Washington- 9-8

Five things we'd like to see for the Jaguars:
1. Stay healthy. If the starters play, it likely won't be much, but all it takes is one play to end someone's season (just ask Osi Umenyiora). Regardless of what the scoreboard says at the end of the night, it is vitally important for the Jaguars to leave the state of Maryland healthy.

2. Show something early on offense.
The Jaguars starting offense hasn't instilled much confidence in the fans thus far in the preseason, and although it doesn't matter, it would be nice to see them find some success against what will likely be a host of Redskins defensive starters.

3. Troy Williamson look like he did in OTA's.
The knock on Williamson throughout his career has been that he looks like Jerry Rice on the football field in May, and Jim Rice on the football field in September. Williamson hasn't caught a pass yet this preseason, and his job is squarely on the line. Williamson needs to give the coaching staff a reason to keep him.

4. Somebody get some pressure on the Washington quarterbacks.
If Derrick Harvey plays, Jaguars fans would certainly like it to be him, but nobody on their defensive line has been able to get consistent pressure on the quarterback. At least one job at DE is up for grabs, and this game will determine who gets it.

5. Longer passes. Last week's preseason game took nearly all the fun out of offensive football, as hardly any passes that were attempted were longer than 10 yards downfield. It's understandable that the Jaguars don't want to open up the offense and show anything to Jeff Fisher and the Titans, but give the paying customers just a little something. Even if they attempt one fade route or something longer than 15 yards. Please?

Final thoughts: Scoreboard doesn't matter and this could be a very ugly score at the end of the night for Jaguars fans. The ‘Skins were embarrassed a week ago by the Panthers (47-3), and they will likely look to prove a point this week in front of their home fans.

Meaningless prediction:
Redskins 31, Jaguars 13.

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