JagNation Final Roster

It's the eve of the biggest roster trimming of the year. The players have had all their chances to impress Jack Del Rio and the rest of the Jaguars coaching staff, and it will likely be a sleepless night for a lot of young players and veterans alike. Here are JagNation's selections for the Jaguars 53-man roster based on what we've seen in preseason and what we've heard from inside sources.

QB's (2)

David Garrard, Cleo Lemon

The Jaguars went with two QB's last season until Garrard's ankle injury and weren't hurt by it. There's a pretty good chance Todd Bouman will be available again if they need him.

RB's (5)

Fred Taylor, Maurice Jones-Drew, Greg Jones, Montell Owens, Chauncey Washington

The first three are obvious, Owens is the special teams star, and Washington won a job with his 108 total yard effort against Washington.

WR's (6)

Jerry Porter, Dennis Northcutt, Matt Jones, Reggie Williams, Mike Walker, Troy Williamson

The Jaguars almost have to keep six WR's with Porter likely not being available on opening day, and the uncertainty of Matt Jones's legal situation.

TE's (4)

Marcedes Lewis, Greg Estandia, Richard Angulo, Charles Davis

With as many two-tight end sets as the Jaguars figure to go with, they need to keep four tight ends. After Lewis, there isn't much of a difference in talent, and Wrighster is on the PUP list.

O-Line (9)

Khalif Barnes, Vince Manuwai, Maurice Williams, Dennis Norman, Uche Nwaneri, Richard Collier, Tony Pashos, Brad Meester, Tutan Reyes

Everyone is pretty much an obvious pick with the exception of Collier, who benefitted from not having any competition. If there was to be a somewhat "surprising cut," it would be Collier. We're not hot on Tutan Reyes making the roster, being that his veteran salary is guaranteed, but there's nobody better available.

DE's (5)

Derrick Harvey, Quentin Groves, Reggie Hayward, Paul Spicer, Kenny Pettway

The top four are obvious, and it probably doesn't matter much who the fifth is. We believe Mincey starts the year on the PUP list, and the Jaguars can make a decision on him later. Pettway makes it over Mkristo Bruce, because Bruce has practice squad eligibility, and Pettway finished preseason strong.

DT's (4)

John Henderson, Tony McDaniel, Rob Meier, Jimmy Kennedy

No real surprises here. Kennedy benefits from Landri's injury.

LB's (6)

Daryl Smith, Mike Peterson, Clint Ingram, Justin Durant, Tony Gilbert, Thomas Williams

The Jaguars have four obvious picks, and Gilbert is a solid special teams player that is familiar with the team. Williams wasn't great in preseason, but coach Del Rio likes him.

CB's (4)

Rashean Mathis, Drayton Florence, Scott Starks, Brian Witherspoon

The top three are locks, Witherspoon made the team on his exciting kick and punt return abilities.

S (5)

Brian Williams, Reggie Nelson, Gerald Sensabaugh, Pierson Prioleau, Chad Nkang

The actual safety rotation should only go three deep, but Prioleau had a solid preseason and is familiar with Gregg Williams' system. Nkang makes the team solely on his special teams performance from a year ago.

Specialists (3)

Josh Scobee, Adam Podlesh, Joe Zelenka

No explanations necessary.

Practice Squad

Trae Williams, Isaiah Gardner, Chris Brown, Mkristo Bruce, D'Juan Woods, Drew Miller, Andrew Carnahan, John Broussard

Trae Williams-fifth-round pick; Gardner- can be developed into a corner or safety; Brown- has H-back potential; Bruce- close to making the actual roster; Woods- victim of numbers; Miller- nasty streak with potential; Carnahan- needs a little more seasoning; Broussard- natural speed and talent.

IR-Derek Landri

PUP- George Wrighster, Jeremy Mincey

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