Betting on the Jags - Part 1

We at JagNation would never condone betting on sports in any way, shape, or form, but just for fun we looked at what Bodog Life has for the Jaguars individual player and team props. We are going to take our best stab at the over's and under's for this season in the first part of this two-part series.

1. Passing yards for David Garrard- 3300

If we had to bet our mortgage, we'd have to bet the under. Although Garrard was on pace to get close to that number if he played the entire 16 games a year ago, we believe the Jaguars will be focused on the run too much for David to put up those stats.

2. Passing touchdowns for David Garrard- 21

This may sound like a contradiction, but we believe Garrard will go over 21 TD's through the air. With Marcedes Lewis, Matt Jones, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Jerry Porter, the team will throw the ball into the end zone more than they run it in.

3. Rushing yards for Fred Taylor- 1000

Although Freddy T. is in great shape, we think he ends up with less than 1000 yards rushing. Maurice Jones-Drew will demand more carries and although we don't want to jinx him, Fred hasn't had an injury in quite some time and he could miss a few games.

4. Total touchdowns for Fred Taylor- 5

This is a sucker's bet. Although Fred has the ability to take it to the house every time he touches the football, he's not utilized much in the passing game due to his lack of hands and Fred isn't a goal line back. The correct answer is push.

5. Rushing yards for Maurice Jones-Drew- 950

The boys in Vegas certainly know what they're doing as this seems very close to the number I was thinking for Jones-Drew. Put a gun to my head and I'm going to have to go over.

6. Total touchdowns for Maurice Jones-Drew- 9.5

With the number set at 9.5, we obviously can't push. So we're going to have to go over. MJD is supposed to be more involved in the Jags offense this year, and he's gone over than number the last two seasons. Don't discount his kick return ability to add one or two more to the total.

Team Wagers

1. Regular season wins-10

We picked the Jaguars to get to 11 or 12 victories prior to camp, so we're going to stick with that number and go over.

2. Home wins- 5.5

The Jaguars play a tough home schedule, but they're a tough team at home. We believe they can go 6-2 at the friendly confines of Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, so we're going over.

3. Road wins- 4.5

The Jaguars have not been a great road power historically, and although it's certainly possible that they can go 5-3 away from home, we're going to bet the under.

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