New Jaguar Scouting Report: William James

Just two days after the final cuts were announced, the Jaguars waived safety Jamaal Fudge and signed defensive back William James, formerly of the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles. Here is the detailed report on this new Jaguar.

William James, formerly Will Peterson, is 29 years old and has valuable starting experience, as he was a full-time starter for the Giants, and then for Philadelphia before his contract ran out this season. James tried to earn a spot in Buffalo, but was released Saturday.

JagNation asked Ken Palmer, of Giants Insider to help shed some light on what kind of player the Jaguars are getting, and he was willing to oblige-

Good kid with a lot of family issues, which eventually led him to change his name...The Giants drafted William Peterson... He has pretty much the total package, but hasn't been able to put it all together, mostly mentally. He can play press coverage well, is very physical, and is usually fine one-on-one with WRs. Has pretty dependable hands, but was known to drop a pick or two in NY. Definitely has too much talent to be bouncing around the way he has. James was the less-heralded, but more talented of the Wills the Giants drafted together in 2001, with Will Allen being the other.

Eagles publisher Andrew Pluta added-

James definitely has the size to be a shut-down corner, but he looks out of position at times and does not always read the ball well in the air. He is also not a great tackler for how physical he can be at times. Injuries have been a problem throughout his career, and after missing some time last season, he was eventually replaced in nickel packages by Joselio Hanson and didn't see much playing time after that.

The waiving of Fudge left some in the Jacksonville area disappointed, as he is a Jacksonville native who starred at Clemson University. Fudge always played well in preseason, but at this point is pretty much just a guy and doesn't stand out on special teams.

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