Betting on the Jaguars - Part 2

We at JagNation would never condone betting on sports in any way, shape, or form, but just for fun we looked at what Bodog Life has for the Jaguars individual player and team props. We are going to take our best stab at the over's and under's for this season in the second part of this two-part series.

1. Receiving yards for Jerry Porter- 800

This reeks of an easy bet, but no so fast. Vegas wasn't built on losers, and that 800 yard number will likely be very close to Porter's total, but I'm biting, and taking the under. Porter will likely miss the first two weeks of the season, and possibly more. The Jaguars spread it around too much for Porter to have the highest total of any Jags receiver since 2005 (Jimmy Smith).

2. Receiving touchdowns for Jerry Porter- 6

If we don't think he gets to 800 yards, we don't think he's getting to six touchdowns. The Jaguars have too many other options in the red zone, so at this point we'd be forced to go with the under.

3. Receiving yards for Reggie Williams- 750

Although Reggie had his best season a year ago, he hasn't practiced much and I can't see him getting to 750 yards receiving. Reggie hasn't proven himself to be that good, so we have to bet the under.

4. Receiving touchdowns for Reggie Williams- 6

This bet has push written all over it. Reggie finished with 10 TD's a year ago, but team has more options on offense. This is a bet I would stay away from.

5. Receiving yards for Troy Williamson- 300

At this point it is far from a lock that Williamson will even be on the roster. If he does indeed make the team, 300 receiving yards doesn't seem like much, but with all the other weapons, I'd have to say under.

6. Receiving yards for Marcedes Lewis- 450

We think the Jaguars tight end is poised for a big year, and we believe Lewis is going to go way over 450 receiving yards on the season.

7. Sacks for Quentin Groves- 2.5

Although Groves didn't make any heads turn in preseason, 2.5 sacks is certainly attainable for the rookie that will be playing in passing situations only. Groves will likely achieve that number by the last quarter of the season, and we're going over.

8. Sacks for Paul Spicer- 6

With the return of Reggie Hayward seemingly to full strength, plus the additions of Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves, Spicer should face quite a bet less double-teaming in 2008. Unfortunately, we think there may have been some declining skills coupled with somewhat less motivation due to his new deal and we would go under for this wager.

9. Interceptions for Reggie Nelson- 4

Reggie Nelson seems poised to take the next step toward being one of the elite safeties in the NFL, and this number would seem like a lock for Reggie to surpass. Teams will throw a bunch against the Jags, and there should be plenty of opportunities for Nelson. We're going to bet the over.

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