Under the Radar: The Results Show

Late last week after reviewing all the matchups for the Jaguars-Titans game, we gave you some players to look for that were somewhat under the radar. We're now going to examine our picks and find out if they stayed under the radar or if they came out in the forefront.

When the Jaguars are on offense:

Greg Jones - Jones played well against a defensive line that was very dominant. The Jaguars fullback had three receptions for 13 yards including the team's only touchdown.

Richard Angulo/Greg Estandia - These two backup tight ends stayed in obscurity as the Jaguars didn't have much going on in the passing game.

Khalif Barnes - Barnes had his shaky moments, but he played well overall. It was the interior of the Jaguars offensive line that allowed most of the pressure.

Matt Jones - The tall, awkward looking receiver led the team in receptions and yards with six for 80, and he was the Jaguars biggest offensive threat.

Tony Brown - The Titans "other" defensive tackle had a whale of a game with six tackles and two sacks. Brown was dare I say more dominant than his partner in crime, Albert Haynesworth.

Cortland Finnegan - The Tennessee corner had a tendency to make big plays. Finnegan had five tackles and two interceptions, and check the under the radar article http://jac.scout.com/2/787297.html, I couldn't have planned this any better.

When the Titans are on offense:

Interior offensive line - The Titans offensive line was dominant again, especially early on, as they were able to find some success with a one-dimensional offense.

Justin Gage - Okay, Gage didn't do much as he caught two balls for 25 yards, but he was open on several deep routes which Vince Young overthrew.

"Other Jaguars DT's" - The Jaguars "other" defensive tackles weren't dominant, but they were fairly effective as Rob Meier and Tony McDaniel combined for five tackles.

Brian Williams - The Jaguars safety was active early on, and was one of the team's surest tacklers. Williams finished with a team high eight tackles.

Daryl Smith - None of the Jaguars linebacker played particularly well and that includes Smith, who missed a few tackles. Daryl did finish with four stops.

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