Del Rio Line Dance

The underlying theme for week one of the NFL season was almost certainly injuries, as last year's MVP, Tom Brady, and several other key starters are now down for the season for their respective teams. The Jaguars were not excluded from that list, as guard Vince Manuwai suffered a torn ACL and guard Maurice Williams ruptured a biceps. Del Rio talks about the choices they have to make this week.

"We sustained a couple injuries yesterday," said Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio. "Vince Manuwai, who is a real good football player for us, has suffered an injury and it's a tear to his ACL. So he will have to miss the rest of the season, so that is a blow that we'll have to overcome."

Manuwai played much of the 2007 season at a Pro Bowl level, as he paved the way for the vaunted Jaguars rushing attack.

Maurice Williams moved from tackle to guard before last year and found himself in the starting lineup following a season-ending leg injury to Chris Naeole. The Jaguars decided to re-sign Williams after he tested the free agency market earlier this year.

"Mo Williams, as I mentioned yesterday, ruptured his biceps in pregame activity, so that left us a bit short during the game yesterday," Del Rio said.

Williams injury is similar to that of center Brad Meester, who suffered his torn biceps during training camp.

"We're still trying to sort through exactly what we're going to do, whether or not that becomes a season-ending IR or whether there are a number of weeks we can try and hold a (roster) spot and wait. It is an injury that is going to cause some down time at minimum, potentially could cost him the season as well," Del Rio told reporters after his Monday press conference.

With the injuries to the pair of starting guards, the Jaguars will take the field next Sunday with backups on three-fifths of their offensive line. To make matters worse, reserve guard Uche Nwaneri injured his knee in Sunday's game and his status is unclear for the Buffalo game. The Jaguars will likely be forced to play veteran Tutan Reyes along with Nwaneri if his knee holds up. Jack Del Rio wouldn't go into specifics on which players would start on Sunday—

"I don't want to get into particulars about how we're going to line up right now, but as of today, that's how we finished the game. Those are our options, now we'll have more options before the week's out, but that's how we finished the game."

Although the semi-big names of LeCharles Bentley and Chris Naeole have been bandied about, Jack Del Rio mentioned Chris Liwenski, a player that spent some time with the team in training camp that started for much of last season in Miami.

"I'm sure that somebody that we're going to consider is (Chris) Liwenski who was with us in camp; a veteran guard, a guy that played multiple positions and played guard for us in camp. So that's a name. That's the kind of situation where he got reps in camp, he knows our system."

Another option is a guy that's already on the roster in Charles Spencer. The Jaguars signed the former third-round pick last week following the Richard Collier shooting. Spencer is listed as a tackle, but he has the ability to move inside.

"He has played guard before as well," said Jack Del Rio. "He's playing, he's practicing, he's practiced all week."

The Jaguars face adversity entering week two for the second time in as many seasons, and injuries are simply part of the game. With as many injuries as the Jaguars have faced to their offensive line, it would be difficult to expect a cast of mostly journeyman backups to have the success of the team's high-paid starters. The running game will likely suffer and the team will have to depend more on the arm of David Garrard, who was shaky at best in the season opener.

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