Style Points Not Necessary for Jacksonville

There were several issues with the way the Jaguars played Sunday that should be worrisome to Jaguars fans. Tackling, play calling, and pass coverage were all issues, but fortunately for the team, power rankings don't mean a thing. The only thing that matters is the final result on the scoreboard, and the Jaguars found a 23-21 victory in Indianapolis, and may have saved their season.

"I tip my hat off to Jacksonville," said Colts linebacker Gary Brackett. "We knew coming into the game that they were a tough football team. They always play us tough and we knew it was going to be a dogfight. They won the game in the closing seconds and you have to tip your hat off to those guys. Obviously, they had a good game plan coming in and running the ball against us. We just didn't stop them."

There are very few "perfect games" in the NFL, and most teams have issues to work on from week to week. The Jaguars haven't played anywhere near their best game yet this season, and with Sunday's victory over Indianapolis they are right back into the mix for a playoff spot, and possibly a division title. Still, it's only the second day of fall and it may be a little premature to look at the standings.

"We don't really look too much at the standings right now," said Colts head coach Tony Dungy whose team has an identical record to the Jaguars. "We never did look at the standings when we were rolling well. We concentrated on us playing and improving every week, and that's what we have to do. We have to play better. If we do, we'll be in good shape in November and December. If we don't, if we play the same way we're playing now, we will be behind. But, I think we can play better and, if we do, we'll start winning games."

The next few weeks will be a great opportunity for Jacksonville to "right the ship" as they take on a struggling Houston Texans team which can't stop the run or rush the passer; followed by a Pittsburgh Steelers team who has been impressive, but has a very leaky offensive line; then they travel to Denver to take on the high-scoring Broncos, who haven't played much defense at all.

Looking ahead, if the Jaguars can find a way to win two of their next three games (as long as one of them includes Houston), the Jaguars will find themselves at 3-3 at the bye week, which isn't terrible considering the 0-2 start. Division leader Tennessee will take on Minnesota, followed by a trip to Baltimore before their bye week. It won't be easy, but the Jaguars have an opportunity to get back into the race for the division title.

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