Porter Watch Continues

The Jerry Porter Watch continued again Thursday. Find out what offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter has to say about his chances to play on Sunday and the other receivers on the roster going deep.

Porter practiced on a full-scale basis for the second consecutive day, but the Jaguars won't announce until Friday what his chances are of playing Sunday for the first time this year.

"I don't know what percent he is right now," said offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.

Koetter said that when Porter is healthy, he'll make a big impact on the Jaguars offense.

And Koetter even said he was "guaranteeing" the Jaguars are going to have a big-play offense this season.

Even though the Jaguars are 24th in offensive yardage, 25th in passing offense and tied for 26th in scoring after three games and Koetter admitted he was frustrated by the slow start, he was emphatic things will get better.

"Absolutely. Absolutely. No question. I'm guaranteeing it. This week," he said.

When reporters laughed, Koetter said the Jaguars have wide receivers who can get deep.

"If you brought those wideouts in here and said, "Can you get behind the defense?' every one of them is going to say, "Yeah, I have been. They haven't hit me," he said.

Koetter, though, did admit he thought the Jaguars would get off to a faster start this season.

"We all thought we were going to roll in here and pick up right where we did last year and score 49 a game like the Chargers are doing right now. We all thought that. We came up with all these great ideas how to make it even better," he said.

Koetter said there were several factors that caused the slow start by the offense.

"If it was one thing, man, I'd pull it out of my pocket and fix it like that," he said. "It's not quite that easy."

He indicated that injuries to the offensive linemen and wide receivers played a factor along with some poor throws by quarterback David Garrard although he said Garrard hasn't had many bad throws.

He even said the team hasn't been as lucky as it was last year.

"Dave had a fantastic year last year, but if you went back, we were lucky a few times last year. There was a tip here, a tip there and (you're thinking), "Oh, my gosh, that could have been picked.' Sometimes, you're not lucky," he said.

Koetter also said, "We've going to play better offense. We've got to or we're going to lose some games."

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