What the Jaguars Learned Against the Texans

It's now time to compare how our keys to the game actually played out in the Jaguars thrilling 30-27 overtime victory over the Houston Texans.

Five most important things for the Jaguars:

1. Jaguars must run the football. Houston loaded up the box and the Jaguars had a tough time moving the bigger Texans defensive line. The final stats showed 25 rushing attempts for 138 yards, 41 of which coming from quarterback David Garrard.

2. Utilize the play-action passing game. Since the Jaguars had a tough time running, the play-action game struggled a bit. Fortunately for Jacksonville, David Garrard was very sharp.

3. Limit big plays. Houston's longest play of the day was a 34-yard catch by tight end Owen Daniels, so the Jaguars bend-but-not-break defense bent, then eventually broke.

4. No bad interceptions. Quarterback David Garrard didn't throw any balls into double coverage and at no time was he even close to getting picked off.

5. Pressure Schaub. Matt Schaub had enough time in the pocket to grill steaks, and the result was his best game possibly of his career. Schaub hit on 29 of 40 pass attempts for 307 yards and three touchdowns.

What to look for:

1. Look for David Garrard to have a 100+ QB rating. David Garrard had his best game of the season as he hit on 23 of 32 passes for 236 yards and a touchdown. His rating was 103.1.

2. Look for a touchdown by Owen Daniels. Daniels led the Texans in receiving, catching seven passes for 87 yards, but he didn't find paydirt.

3. Look for a touchdown by either Marcedes Lewis or Mike Walker. Lewis had quite possibly his worst game as a pro as he dropped all three passes that were targeted for him. Walker had the best game of his young career as he caught five passes for 46 yards.

4. Look for Reggie Williams to get 60+ receiving yards. Williams had a breakout game, but he didn't get to 60 yards. Reggie caught four passes for 46 yards, and would've exceeded 60 yards if a long reception wasn't called back for holding.

5. Look for lots of runs to the perimeter by Houston. They Texans seemed to give up on the running game after finding some off and on success. The Jaguars ends held the perimeter well.

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