State of the Jaguars from Wayne Weaver

Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver spoke about the Jaguars expectations, the economy, the offseason, and Richard Collier in an interview with WOKV Radio.

The Jaguars have seemed to have righted the ship, as they are back to a 2-2 record after four games and have a winning division record for the first time since 2005. This is no surprise to the Jaguars owner.

"I don't make predictions but I have high confidence in this team and I think last week it was a real springboard to show the courage and the ability, for us to claw and fight our way back and really win a big football game against a great football team," Weaver said. "We expect to be in the playoffs; that's our goal every year, so that's what we're working for. If we get into the playoffs, then who knows what's going to happen?"

Someone that was supposed to take the Jaguars passing game to new heights was free agent acquisition Jerry Porter. Porter missed the team's first three games with hamstring surgery and he made his debut on Sunday, catching just one ball for six yards.

"It's something that's nagging," Weaver explained. "Sometimes it takes a long time to heal, but Jerry's been working hard, he wants to get on the field."

One of the biggest stories of the summer, at least for Jaguars fans is that Wayne Weaver was reportedly looking for additional investors for his team to possibly reduce debt service.

"It's not necessarily that we were looking for partners," Weaver said. "We've been approached obviously over the years, either to sell the team or something. My desire is to continue to build a wonderful winning tradition here in Jacksonville."

In several interviews Wayne Weaver has never seemed less than 100% committed to keeping his team in the city of Jacksonville, despite being able to take part in a financial windfall if he were to ever sell. Unfortunately for Weaver, the Jaguars are in the bottom half of the league in attendance and they have one of the league's lowest ticket prices.

"Obviously the economy is affecting every sector of our economy and it certainly has some affect on us," Weaver explained. "We've just had to be creative and work a little harder, and we're fortunate that our season ticket base is strong and that we haven't had to black out games."

Wayne Weaver has expressed time and time again that's it is his wish to keep the team in Jacksonville, despite all the money he could make elsewhere. But what if it's not up to Weaver?

"Obviously I'm going to be 74 (years old) next year so at some point I do have to have an exit strategy, but when I do it will be with the right person that shares my values for this community and this team and the tradition and the stewardship that we've developed here, to keep this team here in Jacksonville," Weaver said.

One of the saddest news not only in Jacksonville but among the rest of the NFL was the tragic shooting of Jaguars offensive tackle Richard Collier. It was just made public yesterday that Collier is going to live, but he is paralyzed from the waist down and had to have a leg amputated.

"Obviously we stay in close contact," Weaver said when asked about Richard Collier and his family. "Obviously, it's not good. There's a lot of interest, we get a lot of phone calls. So right now, all we're doing is keeping our fingers crossed and praying for Richard."

Collier was placed on the non-football injury list and the Jaguars don't have to pay him his salary. It is unclear whether or not they have paid his salary, and with his condition, he obviously will not be able to resume his football career. Money will certainly be a concern for Collier and his family.

"He will be covered under a number of NFL programs," Weaver said. "So yes, there will be some things that will help Richard through his rehabilitation in getting back to being a productive person again."

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