Where is the Jags Pass Rush?

The hiring of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who likes to blitz opposing quarterbacks, and the trades to draft Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves in the first two rounds were expected to improve the pass rush. Instead, the pass rush has gotten worse. The Jaguars didn't sack Houston's Matt Schaub once Sunday even though he was sacked eight times in the Texans' first two games.

The Jaguars, who rank 24th overall in defense, are ranked 27th in sacks per pass attempt with just five in the first four games, a pace for 20 for the season. Last year, they ranked 12th in that department with 37.

The Jaguars also aren't finishing strong, giving up 34 of their 85 points in the fourth quarter.

Still, coach Jack Del Rio didn't want to blame Williams.

"That's natural for the fans to seek answers," Del Rio said. "If anybody wants someone to blame, just blame me."

These problems reared their head at the end of last year when the Jaguars gave up 50 points in the final five playoff quarters against Pittsburgh and New England and sacked Tom Brady only once.

Harvey and Groves have yet to step up and make a difference, although they're rookies and it often takes time for defensive linemen to develop.

Harvey made his first start against the Texans and had no tackles or sacks and one quarterback hit. Groves saw part-time duty and didn't even get his name on the stat sheet.

Of Harvey and Groves, Del Rio said, "They along with everyone else in the defensive line have got to look to be better."

Still, they may get better in the future while the older players have to prove they're not losing a step.

Paul Spicer, 33; Rob Meier, 31; and John Henderson, 29, date back to the Tom Coughlin regime. Reggie Hayward, 29, hasn't been the same since he torn his Achilles three years ago.

And middle linebacker Mike Peterson is 32 and isn't likely to return next year.

Del Rio, though, didn't want to discuss the age factor.

"I don't care to get into that kind of discussion," he said.

He said he didn't want to make excuses or alibis or "things that you can try to come up with to explain away responsibility for getting it done. I'm not getting into that. I don't know how to say it much clearer. We've got to get better."

Del Rio said the problem isn't just the pass rush.

"I don't think it's any one thing. It's a combination of things," he said.

He said the answer may be "good old-fashioned hard work and dedication."

If the aging players don't start playing better, hard work may not be the answer.

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