Jags On the Rebound

A season that once seemed to be slipping away now may be turning in the Jaguars' favor. They go into their bye week Sunday with three victories in their last four games, including a 24-17 victory at Denver, and will face three teams with a combined 1-14 record -- Cleveland, Cincinnati and Detroit -- after the bye.

If the Jaguars win all three games, they'll be 6-3 when Tennessee arrives in Jacksonville on Nov. 16 for a rematch of the game the Jaguars lost to the Titans in the opener, 17-10, in Nashville.

The 3-3 Jaguars, who are still three games behind the 5-0 Titans in the loss column, will have a tough time catching the Titans in the AFC South but they still have a shot at a wild-card spot.

Quarterback David Garrard admitted he wanted to be better than 3-3 at the bye week at the start of the season.

"It's kind of a different feeling about being 3-3. It does feel good to come out with a victory to be 3-3. Nobody wants to be 3-3, but that's what we've done to this point. We've just got to keep moving forward."

"Jack (Del Rio) said it was a turning-point season type of game. It's a good time for a win, going into our bye week," Garrard said.

Garrard said he didn't have any answers for why the Jaguars found their offensive rhythm against the Broncos, although the fact that Denver went into the game ranked as the 29th team in the league on defense probably helped.

"Hopefully, we can let this prepare for the future games and continue to play Jaguar football from here on out," he said. "The way this team fought today was awesome."

He also said he wasn't surprised that the quarterback draw keeps working.

"I've been running quarterback draws since eighth grade. You don't really have a guy sit there and watch the quarterback. If you do, you free somebody else up and that's when we hurt you with the pass. I usually feel I can get by one guy and run through and get tackled by another guy for a first down."

Garrard isn't usually ranked in the top echelon of quarterbacks. He's often called a game manager, but he doesn't view that in the negative sense.

When Garrard was asked about his role, he said, "Getting the ball to the playmakers. Doing a good job of managing the game and not using managing the game in a bad sense. If you manage the game and you score touchdowns, who wouldn't want to manage the game?"

They also showed that they can win with Maurice Jones-Drew carrying the load.

When Fred Taylor went out with a mild concussion in the first period and didn't return until the third period, Drew ran 22 times for 125 yards against the Broncos.

Taylor wound up with just 10 yards on three carries but he should be ready after the bye week.

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