Bernstein Blog- Offense After Further Review

Has the Jaguars offense arrived, or were they just playing a terrible defensive team? To be perfectly honest, I don't know. What I do know is that the Jaguars desperately needed a victory and their offensive line dominated the football game and the Jaguars did what they had to do to get back in the playoff mix.

David Garrard, game manager? Not on this day. Garrard was the playmaker that the Jags thought they had at the end of last season. He stepped up in the pocket, made mostly good decisions, and was deadly accurate on nearly every throw. The Jaguars passing game finally gave an opposing defense a reason to back off the line of scrimmage which opened up the ground game. It was a truly balanced attack for Jacksonville and Garrard stepped up, just as he did on Denver soil a year ago. This game could propel him and the team toward great things.

Offensive line- When you think about the Jaguars offensive line, you think about injuries and guys that were signed off the street playing. After Sunday's game, all you thought about was dominance. The line provided great pass protection for much of the day and they opened up enough room for Maurice Jones-Drew to gain 125 yards on the ground.

Running backs-  Maurice Jones-Drew was awesome as usual as he moved piles, shot through small gaps, and caught the ball out of the backfield. Jones-Drew is one of the most complete backs in all of the NFL. Fred Taylor got smashed early on by linebacker Nate Webster, but returned late in the game. I question the decision to put Taylor back in being that if he had a concussion, the last thing he needs is to take more hits. That and the running game was fine without him.  Greg Jones is an absolute beast. His blocking on Sunday helped pave the way for Maurice Jones-Drew, and when he received his carry, he made the most of it by gaining 13 yards. Jones value can't be measured in stats, and the Jaguars are glad that they have the best fullback in football.

Wide receivers- No Mike Walker, injured Jerry Porter, no problem. Matt Jones, Dennis Northcutt, and Reggie Williams picked up the slack by combining for 14 catches for 132 yards. The Jags trio was able to get open all day long and they just made plays. An honorable mention goes out to Troy Williamson who ran a deep pattern in which David Garrard hit him on the hands and it would've gone for a 69-yard gain if not for a Khalif Barnes holding penalty.

Tight ends- Big day for the Jaguars tight ends as Marcedes Lewis is beginning to look like a first-round pick. Lewis had three catches for 64 yards including a 30 yard touchdown reception, the Jaguars longest of the season. There was a Greg Estandia sighting as the big 6'8" target caught two passes for 26 yards.

The Jaguars offense came alive with a 416 yard effort and had it not been for two turnovers, the team could've scored well into the 30's. The team looked balanced and with guys getting healthy and some bad teams on the schedule, the Jaguars seem poised to make a run.

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