Fun Jaguars Stats

It's an absolute fact that statistics never lie. That said, sometimes you can frame statistics to say what you want. It's easy to look up mainstream stats at, ESPN, or even It doesn't take much work to find out turnover ratios, total offense or defense, or even special teams statistics. We've found some interesting stats about the Jaguars that aren't so mainstream.

Does size matter? The Jaguars obviously don't think so, as they had 10 players on their opening day roster that were less than 200 lbs. How does that compare to the rest of the AFC South? Indianapolis has the most players under 200 with 11, followed by Tennessee with 9, and Houston with just seven. Baltimore has the most players in the AFC that are under 200 lbs. with 12, and Atlanta and New Orleans have the highest total in the NFL with 13.

How about height? Jacksonville has 11 players who are under six-feet tall. Indianapolis, again has the most in the AFC South with 13, followed by Tennessee with 12, and Houston with eight. The Colts total of 13 is tied with Pittsburgh and Baltimore for the most in the AFC, while the Atlanta Falcons have the most players under six-feet tall with 15.

What about the big guys? The Jaguars opening day roster included 12 players that were 300 lbs. or greater. That was the most in the division. Houston had nine players that tipped in over 300, Tennessee had eight players above the 300 lb. line, and Indianapolis had the fewest in the entire league, with just five. In a semi-related note, the Colts are 32nd in the NFL in stopping the run so far this year. The Dallas Cowboys lead the NFL with 16 players over 300 lbs.

What about the combination of height and weight? The Jaguars average 6'1.8" tall and 248.53 lbs, where the Houston Texans average player is 6'1.7" tall, and 249.98 lbs., which is very close to the AFC average of 6'1.7", 247.97 lbs. What about the rest of the division? The division leading Tennessee Titans measure up at 6'1.8" tall, but are slim at 243.23 lbs. The five-time defending AFC South champion Indianapolis Colts are the smallest team in the NFL at 6'1.1" tall, and 239.79 lbs. The tallest team is the Oakland Raiders, at an average height of 6'2.6" tall, and the heaviest is Cleveland, tipping the scales at 254.56 lbs.

Where do the Jaguars rank in terms of experience? The average experience of the Jacksonville roster is 4.55 years. The Texans opening day roster was 4.75 years, and they are the most experienced team in the AFC South, followed by, Tennessee at 4.40 years, and Indianapolis at 3.75 years. Not surprisingly, New England has the most experienced team in the AFC at 5.15 years, and New Orleans has the most experienced team in the entire NFL at 5.83 years. The most inexperienced team are the Kansas City Chiefs, who have just 3.45 years experience.

How does that experience relate to age? The Texans are the oldest team in the AFC South at an average age of 26.77 years. Tennessee is next at 26.74, followed by Jacksonville at 26.64, then Indianapolis at 25.68. The oldest team in the AFC is New England, at 27.32 years, and the oldest in the NFL is New Orleans at 27.83 years old. Both Super Bowl I participants, Kansas City and Green Bay are tied for the youngest teams in the NFL, with the average age of just 25.57 years.

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