Jaguars Ponder

Jacksonville is spending the bye week pondering just which kind of team they have this year. Mainly because their 3-3 record in the first six weeks raised more questions than they answered. Read Del Rio's theory compared with what might really be the case.

When the Jaguars started the season, they were being touted as a Super Bowl contender.

Now they're three games behind the 5-0 Titans in the AFC South and they're behind in the tiebreaker because they lost to the Titans.

At best, they'll probably have a chance to be a wild-card team.

The larger question is why the Jaguars are 3-3.

There are two scenarios.

There's the one favored by coach Jack Del Rio that they were ravaged by injuries and twice fought back to get to .500.

The other scenario is that the team was overrated to begin with and had a terrible offseason that didn't give them any help.

They traded four draft picks this year and one next year to trade up for Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves to improve their pass rush.

Instead, Harvey still doesn't have a sack, Groves has 1.5 sacks and the team has only eight sacks.

They also gave Jerry Porter $10 million in guaranteed money and he underwent hamstring surgery in the offseason and has one catch.

How the Jaguars play in the last 10 weeks after the bye will show which scenario is right.

Since they're getting several of their injured players back, they'll get a chance to show if they can make a run for the playoffs.

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