NFL Power Rankings

It's the list that everyone loves to hate, our meaningless power rankings.

1. Tennessee Titans- Feasting on the cupcake part of their schedule. Big game against Indy next Monday. (1)

2. New York Giants- Probably the most complete team in football. (2)

3. Pittsburgh Steelers- Wait until they get Willie Parker back. (3)

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Beating the teams they should beat. (4)

5. Buffalo Bills-
Solid on both sides of the ball. (6)

6. Carolina Panthers-
Great performance against New Orleans. (10)

7. Arizona Cardinals-
The class of the worst division in football. (7)

8. Atlanta Falcons-
Biggest surprise in the NFL. (12)

9. Philadelphia Eagles-
Could be the second-best team in their division. (13)

10. Jacksonville Jaguars- Must take care of business against a soft part of the schedule. (14)

11. New England Patriots- Inspired effort on Monday night. (16)

12. San Diego Chargers- Who knows which team will show up? (5)

13. Chicago Bears- Orton isn't bad. (17)

14. Green Bay Packers-
Rodgers can get the job done. (20)

15. Dallas Cowboys- The house of cards is falling. (8)

16. Baltimore Ravens-
"Wildcat" doesn't work against that defense. (22)

17. New Orleans Saints-
A different team outside of the dome. (11)

18. Washington Redskins- Back on the winning track against Cleveland. (19)

19. Indianapolis Colts-
Is Manning in decline? (9)

20. Houston Texans- Two wins in a row, could be four. (23)

21. Denver Broncos- They can't tackle anyone. (15)

22. New York Jets- Pretender, even with Favre. (18)

23. St. Louis Rams- All Jim Haslett does is win football games. (27)

24. Oakland Raiders- Set offense back 50 years, and they won. (30)

25. Miami Dolphins- Trickery without talent only goes so far. (21)

26. Cleveland Browns- Defense has played well for three straight games. (24)

27. Minnesota Vikings- What happened to their defense? (25)

28. San Francisco 49ers-
A once proud franchise is insignificant. (26)

29. Seattle Seahawks-
It's a mess in Seattle. (29)

30. Cincinnati Bengals-
A culmination of horrible offseason decisions. (28)

31. Kansas City Chiefs-
Now hiring for quarterbacks. (31)

32. Detroit Lions-
In serious contention for the number one pick. (32)

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