Last Game for Jones?

It was reported by ESPN earlier in the week that Jaguars wide receiver Matt Jones was to be suspended for three games for a violation of the league's conduct policy. Jones is in the process of appealing the ruling and he finally spoke about it, sort of.

"The whole deal with the NFL right now is that I can't say anything about it until it happens," said the Jaguars wide receiver.

With a team that seems to be putting things together offensively and Jones playing the best football of his career, this type of distraction was certainly something that the Jaguars didn't want, nor did they need.

"You can keep the distractions away when you are here," Jones told the media yesterday. "So that's easy."

Matt has been a godsend to a Jaguars receiving corps that's seen their high-priced free agent acquisition Jerry Porter get injured over the summer and produced all of one catch for six yards. The team is also experiencing poor starts from Reggie Williams and Dennis Northcutt, and Troy Williamson hasn't done much of anything either. Jones has been the Jaguars primary pass-catching target, and he hopes that he can pick right up where he left off if and when his suspension takes place.

"I think David (Garrard) and I have got a good relationship going," Jones said. "It's coming a lot easier for me this year. Some things are clicking and flowing and I hope they keep on coming."

Jones appeared somewhat sluggish in the past and wasn't the epitome of a hard worker. All that changed from the first day of training camp this season as he has transformed himself into a valuable possession receiver. Many theories are that his arrest has helped refocus him, but Jones doesn't buy into that.

"Nothing changes," Jones said emphatically. "I love football and I always have. I have just been able to stay healthy this year and I'm playing, so that makes it more enjoyable. Sitting on the bench is not that fun. Just like anything you want to do in life, if you don't get to participate it's not so easy. There's a lot more joy in it this year."

If the reports are correct, there will be absence of joy for Jones for at least three weeks, although he claims to have not heard anything as of yet.

"I don't know a timetable," Jones said. "I will probably talk to my agent before then and they might know something a little bit, but I don't know."

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