Under the Radar Results: Jaguars vs Browns

Prior to Sunday's game, JagNation gave you some under the radar players for both teams that could make impacts. We'll review how those players performed on Sunday.

When the Jaguars are on offense:

Brad Meester - The Jaguars center played fairly well on Sunday in his first game action since last season. Still, Meester had to line up against Shaun Rogers who was absolutely dominant.

Dennis Northcutt - The former Cleveland Brown caught every ball thrown his way and finished the day with five receptions for 49 yards.

Greg Jones - The bruising Jaguars fullback was somewhat underused as he carried the ball just once for no gain and caught one pass for 11 yards.

Andra Davis - Davis had a quiet day as the Jaguars threw the ball more than they ran. He finished with just two tackles.

Eric Wright - Wright played fairly well at corner and recorded two tackles and two passes defensed.

Corey Williams - Williams was a non-factor.

When the Browns are on offense:

Steve Heiden - Kellen Winslow's fill-in did a fine job of blocking, and led the Browns with three receptions for 73 yards including a big 51-yard catch and run on a fourth down play.

Jerome Harrison -The Browns third-down back was a non-factor as he carried the ball just once for -1 yards.

Syndric Steptoe - Steptoe only caught one pass, but it was a big one. Steptoe caught a deep ball over the middle which he turned into a 53-yard gain to set up the Browns go-ahead score as he broke several tackles.

Mike Peterson - Peterson played his best game of the season as he finished with 10 tackles, but took some bad angles and was run over several times.

Brian Williams- Brian Williams returned to corner and played pretty well. He recorded three tackles.

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