Changes Looming for Jaguars

Although most will agree that the Jaguars aren't one of the worst teams in the NFL, they are one of the most disappointing. A team stockpiled with talent and depth has experienced their fair share of injuries, and they've been inconsistent on both sides of the ball. Del Rio talks about some changes to be made.

"I remain committed to building this team and building it strong and us having a heck of a year, but we're running out of time in terms of correcting some of these things and that's what I've indicated to the players," Del Rio said. "It's really crucial that we find a way to get that consistency that we're looking for, that we be able to surge better offensively up front, that we be able to be more consistent in not allowing the cheap plays on us defensively and that we be able to play more consistently as a football team and that's my mission. There's only one way to go about it. You can't just talk about it, you just have to roll up your sleeves and go to work. It's what I know, it's what I believe in."

Their normally even keeled leader, head coach Jack Del Rio changed his demeanor after Sunday's latest disappointment.

"There was no preconceived delivery. Just went in there, what was on my heart I shared. It's just how much I care about what we're doing, how much it means to me, I wanted them to feel that. I think they did. How we respond is what is most important. My reaction to a game is not what's important. How we respond as a football team to get ready for the next opponent is what's most important. I just want to see a little more grit, a little more resolve, a little more determination and the execution and the accountability for each other for what we're doing, for how important it is. When you're this close in every game, you've got to find a way to do a bunch of little things better so that you can… Rather than being so tight every game, have a nice victory, have a good strong convincing victory and start putting those together. But again, right now we're one series at a time, one game at a time," Del Rio said of his aggressive comments following Sunday's game.

Jack Del Rio talked about making some changes, but refused to call any one particular player or players out.

"If you're looking for names, you're not going to get them from me; I don't believe in that. I think we do our corrections privately, behind close doors, but they're being made. It's not any one guy; there are several. It's almost like putting your finger in a dike and then the leak springs somewhere else. Consistency is the key right now. We've done things well in spurts and just have not been able to sustain the type of standard, the type of excellence that I'm looking for, so we'll keep pushing for it."

One of the changes that the coach has seemingly already made has been with expensive free agent acquisition, cornerback Drayton Florence. Florence has played poorly in every game he's played this season and he has apparently lost his starting cornerback job to last year's starting corner, Brian Williams, who was previously moved to strong safety.

"I haven't determined that for this week," Del Rio said of where Drayton Florence would play. That's what he played in this past game (nickel). He came in as a sub but he actually played outside."

With Florence playing nickel, the Jaguars have a more athletic starting secondary with Reggie Nelson and Gerald Sensabaugh at the safety spots, and Williams and Mathis at corner.

One other speculated change could come at the wide receiver position, in which Jaguars leading receiver Matt Jones is likely to be suspended. The absence of Jones could leave an opening for expensive free agent acquisition Jerry Porter, who has all of one catch since joining the Jaguars.

Don't be surprised if the team chooses to make a move at linebacker as well, as Mike Peterson is showing his age despite leading the team in stops. Daryl Smith, at this point in his career is a better choice in the middle, and that would allow the team to have both Justin Durant and Clint Ingram on the field at the same time.

The Jaguars are in a somewhat desperate position now as they are looking up at 11 teams in the AFC. Wins in this league come at a premium and if the Jaguars don't shake things up, this year's playoffs will become more of a fantasy rather than a reality.

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