Jags Injury Update

The Jaguars will have to travel to Cincinnati this weekend in what is one of those no-satisfaction types of situations. This is the NFL's version of playing a FCS opponent in that if the Jaguars win, they're supposed to, and if they lose, all hell can break loose. Find out who's playing and who might not.

It appears that the Jaguars may have leading receiver Matt Jones for yet another week as the team hasn't heard anything official from the league about a possible suspension.

"I don't have anything else to add to that," said Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio. "At some point there will be something information-wise provided to me and then I'll provide it to you but at this point, I really don't have anything to add to that."

The Jaguars are planning to proceed with the idea of business as usual at this point regarding Jones.

"We're going to continue operating as a football team, as an organization, until we have been notified otherwise," Del Rio said.

As for who may be the most talented Jaguars wide receiver, Mike Walker, the team is likely to be without him on Sunday.

"Mike Walker is back in the building, which is good news," Del Rio Said. "He's not going to be released to practice yet. We should get him back maybe Friday but we think we'll get him back next week. So it's not likely he'll play; in fact he'll probably be out."

Walker suffered a sprained MCL injury in the Jaguars loss to Pittsburgh and the knee was infected which caused him to be hospitalized.

"It was hard," Walker explained. "One week, I am playing and the next week I am watching the game in the hospital. It was real hard. I could not even see the whole game. I kept going back and checking the score."

Walker believes that he could more or less pick up where he left off with his big performance against the Steelers.

"It is football. I mean I might not go out there and have another 100-yard game but I am working my way back. I am going out there to get my feet back under me and get my hands back right and just work," said Walker.

Some other injuries of note were to Jaguars guard Chris Naeole who broke his hand in warmups, and kicker Josh Scobee who also suffered a hand injury. The prognosis is not so good for Naeole, but a little better for the Jaguars kicker.

"Chris Naeole is having surgery tomorrow and we've got to make a decision on that but in all likelihood we'll put him down (on IR) and get somebody else up," Del Rio said. "It's a shame because Chris worked so hard and I know how bad he wanted it. He's got a broken hand and it's going to be a little bit of time. (Josh) Scobee has got a little issue with his wrist-thumb area. He's going to play with a cast for a while, but fortunately it doesn't have anything to do with him kicking the ball. It might eliminate some of those fake field goals that we have in our repertoire but other than that, he'll be fine. All in all, we're ready to roll."

The Jaguars face the winless Bengals this Sunday with most of the NFL watching world expecting a victory from the road team. Although the Bengals have been bad, Mike Peterson knows that they can't overlook them.

"Any team in this league is dangerous, especially the teams that are not winning," Peterson said. "They have nothing to play for, expect anything from them. You definitely have to be focused a lot and approach this game like they are an undefeated team whether they are without a win."

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