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Find out what the Jaguars head coach thinks about his team's effort and behavior, and who he had to send home to deliver a message (not who you think), as well as some surprise injuries from Sunday's game.

Del Rio was so aggravated about the team's chemistry that he not only changed the locker room around, but he sent home veteran middle linebacker Mike Peterson. The extent of his punishment is not yet clear.

We all know Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio isn't satisfied with the way his team is playing, but he's not overreacting.

"I just attack things head-on. To me recognizing what the issues are, identifying them, taking the time, being considerate, thinking through what the actions need to be to address them and then go meet them head-on. And that's what I'm going to continue to do in providing the lead for this football team. We expect to be better. Expectations don't really mean a whole lot. Perception doesn't mean a whole lot. Are you doing the things that give you a chance? And if you do them and you do them well and you do them with everything you have then you'll have a chance, you'll be successful. And that's what we're after. We're going to keep pushing to get the things we're looking for, doing the right things."

Although Del Rio didn't say much about the altercation between defensive tackle John Henderson and Bengals guard Andrew Whitworth, he was certainly not pleased with Henderson's actions.

"Those are some of the things that I've addressed, privately, that are not a good reflection of me and what I stand for. And in many ways I take pride in the fact this team is a reflection of me and I want it to be a reflection of me, and I don't like that reflection. I don't like those types of things."

Del Rio believes he sent a very clear message—

"Very clearly, I assure. That's not what we want to look like. We want to conduct ourselves a certain way. We want to compete a certain way. We want to do things the right way, aggressively, tough, smart. And then we'll live with the results, but we don't ever want to look like that."

Although John Henderson didn't play the entire game because of his ejection, he did have enough time to injure his knee.

"Big John's got an MCL sprain so he won't practice today."

Del Rio talked about the rotation of his offensive line and why he decided to sub a position group that usually doesn't get subbed in or out.

"If we had a group that was operating at a high level ,and we had five guys we were certain of, we wouldn't do that. We're trying to do what we can to make sure we're playing guys. We think Dennis Norman is a real good player, we want to play him more. When Brad (Meester) came back, Dennis kind of got pushed aside and he's too good a football player to not have him involved. So it's really more an effort of trying to get our guys involved, trying to find the right mixture, and we'll keep scratching around for it but we still have some work to do."

Jaguars wide receiver Mike Walker is recovering from his sprained MCL that he suffered against Pittsburgh, and he will could be ready for Sunday's game against the Lions.

"He'll be back at practice today. We'll see how the week goes."

The team has activated both tight end George Wrighster and defensive end Jeremy Mincey from the PUP list. Del Rio explained the process.

"Yeah, the two PUP guys, Wrighster and (Jeremy) Mincey, they now get a three-week window. You get three weeks to begin practicing them and then you get three weeks to determine…Once you start the activation, you get three weeks to decide whether or not you want to bring them up."

He went on to clear up the misconception about PUP list players having to be activated from weeks six through nine.

"You have to make one at that point of all the different decisions you can make about a player. He can go active. If he's been cleared physically, I don't believe he's still a candidate to go back and be on your IR."

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