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Mike Peterson remained in football limbo Thursday. Peterson was tossed out of a team meeting on Wednesday after getting in a confrontation with coach Jack Del Rio and then was sent home Thursday when he tried to return. Find out the plan for today.

Del Rio said he plans to meet with him Friday and may take him back "if all goes well."

But it remains to be seen if the two men can patch up their differences.

Defensive end Reggie Hayward said he'd never seen a player tossed out of a team meeting the way Peterson was on Wednesday when he answered Del Rio's criticism.

"That was the first time seeing a coach and a player just disagree in front of everybody to the extent that they did. It wasn't over the top or anything like that. You could tell they weren't seeing eye to eye. This is a business when things aren't going well, tempers flare. They're both human," Hayward said.

Del Rio has been annoyed because Peterson has been unhappy with his contract and Del Rio also wasn't happy when Peterson celebrated a sack when the Jaguars were trailing 21-3 in the third period in Cincinnati.

He was critical of Peterson at the meeting, Peterson responded and Del Rio ordered him to leave.

On how it'll affect morale, Hayward said, "Hopefully, it'll light a fire under us. Hopefully, it'll spark us to go out there and play better."

When Hayward was asked about Del Rio's transformation from an easy rider to a tough coach with a bunch of new rules, he said, "Maybe we were too loose and maybe we're too lax. He's just trying to tighten up the loose ends so we can go out and play better football."

Among the new rules were no hats or hoods in the team meetings.

When running back Fred Taylor, who played for Tom Coughlin for five years, was asked if Del Rio was taking a page out of the Coughlin playbook, he said, "Only a snippet. Not a big page. Only a little tear sheet."

He said he supported Del Rio's new rules because he had to take action "before it gets too sloppy and then you lose complete control of everything."

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