What We Learned Against Chicago

JagNation compares our keys to victory with what actually happened in the Jaguars disappointing 23-10 loss at Chicago.

Five most important things for the Jaguars:

1. Get started quickly. The Jags definitely got started quickly, they just got started in really poor fashion. David Garrard's first pass went for an interception that was nearly returned for a TD and the Jags were down 7-0 in the opening minutes.

2. Make plays in the passing game. It's hard to make plays in the passing game when the quarterback is constantly checking down.

3. Stop Forte. The Jaguars defense did a solid job against Forte as they held him to just 69 yards on 21 carries.

4. Limit big plays. The Jaguars did a solid job of limiting big plays by the Bears offense.

5. Embrace the cold. The Jacksonville defense played hard and they didn't seem affected greatly by the weather.

What to look for:

1. Look for the Jaguars to come out firing. That didn't happen. It appears that the team doesn't trust their $60 million quarterback, and the way he throws they shouldn't.

2. Look for less than 70 rushing yards for the Jags. Jacksonville was able to run the ball for 119 yards on 28 attempts, pretty good.

3. Look for a big play from Hester. Hester caught a 31 yard pass, and had a nice 22 yard punt return.

4. Look for two missed FG's. Both kickers were on target and neither came close to missing.

5. Look for the Jags to show up. The Jaguars battled for 60 minutes and the defense should hold their heads up high.

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