Power Rankings

It's the list that everyone loves to hate, our meaningless power rankings.

The Contenders

1. Tennessee Titans- Very impressive performance by the Titans defense without Haynesworth and Vanden Bosch. (4)

2. New York Giants- Gutsy win by the Giants over Carolina, but they needed some luck. (3)

3. Carolina Panthers- They found a way to lose home field advantage, that may be huge. (2)

4. Pittsburgh Steelers- I'm not sure if they can score enough points to go to the Super Bowl. (1)

5. Baltimore Ravens- I'm officially a believer in Flacco. (5)

6. Indianapolis Colts- Manning is playing at the highest level of his career. (6)

Good, But Not a Real Contender

7. Atlanta Falcons- The Mike Smith Coach of the Year Award. (9)

8. New England Patriots- These guys may not make the playoffs. Ridiculous. (7)

9. Miami Dolphins- Great opportunity for Pennington this week. (17)

10. Dallas Cowboys- Romo is as clutch as A-Rod. (8)

11. San Diego Chargers- These guys are going to be in the playoffs. (20)

12. Philadelphia Eagles- Not winning the close ones. (10)


13. Minnesota Vikings- Another short playoff run looming. (11)

14. Arizona Cardinals- The worst playoff team in years. (13)

15. Denver Broncos- They will finish the collapse Sunday night. (14)

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Terrible choke job over the last three weeks. (12)

17. Houston Texans- Enormous letdown at Oakland. (15)

18. New York Jets- Speaking of letdowns. (16)

19. New Orleans Saints- If they could only play Detroit every week. (19)

The Underachievers

20. Washington Redskins- Maybe Zorn isn't the worst coach in America? (22)

21. Green Bay Packers- They'll be okay with Rodgers, the defensive line is a different story. (23)

22. Chicago Bears- Please draft a quarterback this time around. (18)

23. Buffalo Bills- Look who showed up to play spoiler. (24)

24. Jacksonville Jaguars- They fought hard, but they need a big time QB. (21)

25. Seattle Seahawks- They've competed the entire season. (25)

Does it Really Matter?

26. San Francisco 49ers- Good come from behind win. (26)

27. Cincinnati Bengals- Look who's won two in a row. (29)

28. Oakland Raiders- Russell looked like a number one pick. (30)

29. Kansas City Chiefs- They find ways to lose. (28)

30. Cleveland Browns- Just a mess. (27)

31. St. Louis Rams- It's hard to believe that they've won a couple games. (31)

32. Detroit Lions- Worst team ever, poor Kevin Smith. (32)

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