Jaguars Report Card - QB is going to look at the Jaguars, position by position, and give our final evaluation of what happened during the 2008 season. We're going to start with the most important single position in sports, the quarterback position.

David Garrard - 2008 Stats 335/555- 62.3%, 3620 yds., 15 TD's/13 INT's, QBR- 81.7

Cleo Lemon - 2008 Stats 0/2- 0%, 0 yds. QBR- 39.6.

Positives- David Garrard started 16 games, the first time a Jaguars quarterback has accomplished that feat in seven years. Garrard showed glimpses of what made him the highest paid player in franchise history from time to time, and he's durable. He has a very good arm, and undeniable physical talent that only a handful of quarterbacks in the NFL possess.

Negatives- The mind-numbing plays that kept Garrard a backup for five years seemed to go away in 2007. Those plays returned in 2008 and Garrard seemed to regress now that he received his big payday. He doesn't go through his progressions and often predetermined where he was going with the football before the ball was snapped. Garrard folded in crunch time far too often this season and he certainly lost more games than he won. With a powerful rushing attack, Garrard is a great play-action passer, but so is every other NFL quarterback.

Overall- Garrard isn't the worst quarterback in the NFL, but he's nowhere near the top. He has top-tiered athletic ability, but he doesn't make his receivers better. David has shown the ability to make enormous mistakes with the game on the line, and lacks fieldmanship. Garrard has started 46 games in his career, and he's past the point where the mistakes can be blamed on inexperience, as he's a seven-year veteran.

Solution- The Jaguars must bring some real competition into camp next season as they failed to do so this year and it backfired. The team must also get younger at the position. If a top-tiered quarterback is available in the draft, they should select him sooner than later.

Final Grade- C-

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