Second Day Steal?

Scouting in the first round of the draft is pretty easy. All the players have been on television for much of their careers and there's plenty of information on them. Where organizations really make their money is on the second day of the draft where many of these players can be signed for near minimum contracts.

One player who could be a second day steal for any team in the NFL is Florida State running back Antone Smith. Smith, like many FSU players in recent years, came to the program with much fanfare, but seemed to never put up the huge numbers expected of him.

As a senior, Smith gained 753 yards on 161 carries with 14 touchdowns. Smith also showed good hands as he caught nine passes for 83 yards and a touchdown. His senior totals were down a bit from his junior season when he ran for 817 yards on 191 carries, but he learned how to find the end zone much better, as he scored just three times as a junior.

Smith is eager to get a shot at the next level with any team that is lucky enough to select him.

"I thought about it all my life," Smith said about playing in the NFL. "It all starts at the next level and hopefully things will turn out for the best and hopefully somebody will see me and give me a shot to help their team."

Antone is a one-cut runner who has enough speed (4.43 seconds) to get outside and do damage. He would be utilized best in a zone-blocking scheme, but he's quick and powerful enough to be productive in any offense. Smith can run inside for the tough yards and break big runs outside.

Smith knows that he will have to improve to be a useful back on the next level.

"There's always things you can work on, like blocking, studying film, just being a better overall person," Smith said. "There's a lot of things to work on especially as a running back. You have to learn to pick up holes on offense, read the defense, all that stuff will be a big thing to work on."

What Antone Smith is not afraid of is hard work, as he was one of the hardest workers on Seminoles team and many looked up to him as a leader.

"I can come in and work hard every day," Smith said when asked what he can bring to an NFL team. "I bust my butt and outwork everybody. They will have all of my attention and I'll give everything I have and be a team player."

Smith is currently projected as a late-round pick, but he can drastically improve that stock over the next few months with good workouts at the combine and his pro day.

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