Jaguars Report Card - WR

JagNation is going to look at the Jaguars, position by position, and give our final evaluation of what happened during the 2008 season. We're going to move to the wide receiver position.

Matt Jones - 65 rec., 761 yds., 2 TD's

Dennis Northcutt - 44 rec., 545 yds., 2 TD's

Reggie Williams - 37 rec., 364 yds., 3 TD's

Mike Walker - 16 rec., 217 yds.

Jerry Porter - 11 rec., 181 yds., 1 TD

Matt Jones resurrected his career following an offseason arrest and became the Jaguars best possession receiver and go to guy. Dennis Northcutt showed the type of great suddenness at the end of the season when he was finally put in the lineup. Williams makes tough catches over the middle and is an elite blocker. Walker flashed some ability when healthy, and showed some potential.

Negatives- Jones missed three games due to a drug suspension, and lacks the ability to be a deep threat. Northcutt still struggles with drops. Williams lacks the ability to get open consistently. Walker has had troubles staying healthy. Porter couldn't stay healthy and seemed to be a somewhat divisive force in the locker room.

Overall- Even with all the problems, this group was more talented than the 2007 unit. Matt Jones was on a 90 catch pace and he could repeat that in 2009. Northcutt showed some great burst when given the opportunities, and Mike Walker gave Jaguars fans hope with his performance against Pittsburgh. Jerry Porter can get open, if he can stay healthy. The team lacks a downfield threat, but part of that is due to the lack of downfield passing quarterback.

Solution- Reggie Williams is done in Jacksonville, and Porter may not make it either. The team needs to find a big play receiver and groom some others for the future, and they will likely stay away from the giant, jump-ball type of guys that have been so attractive, yet unproductive in the past.

Final grade: C

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