A Second Day Signal Caller for the Jaguars

With the plethora of underclassmen quarterbacks that have chosen to stay in school, there are fewer QB's that will be available to the Jaguars or any other team that is looking to get younger at the position.

Regardless of whether you are a believer in David Garrard or not, the Jaguars are financially committed to him, and that commitment will buy him at least one more season as the team's starter. The Jaguars have never been a team that believes much in competition at the quarterback position, and they will likely pass on any available signal callers early in April's draft.

"I think David can win a championship for us. We just need a supporting cast around him," Weaver said.

Regardless of what the Jaguars think about Garrard, they have to get younger at quarterback and they will likely choose a signal caller on the second day of the draft. One player who will likely be available is Michigan State senior, Brian Hoyer.

Hoyer is an athletic guy with good size, as he stands 6'2", 215 lbs., and runs his 40 in the 4.7's. Hoyer has a good arm, but never put up big numbers in a Michigan State offense that revolved around running the football with star running back Javon Ringer.

"I think Brian Hoyer has had a wonderful career and has done a great job in his time here, Hoyer's head coach Mark D'Antonio said prior to the Capital One Bowl. "I have never seen him waiver at all and I think that is a true testament to his character and his family. He is a strong person and he continues to come out and play and have a lot of fun in the game and I just hope that at the end of it everyone appreciates what he has accomplished and that we can get him a 10th win here. That is obviously a thing that only a few teams in Michigan State history have accomplished and I think that would be a great feather in his cap."

As a senior, Hoyer completed 162 of his 319 pass attempts, for 2235 yards, 9 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. Those numbers were down from his junior season when he completed 223 of 376 attempts, for 2725 yards, 20 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. In his final game as a collegiate, a 24-12 loss to Georgia, Hoyer completed 18 of 34 passes for 169 yards.

"I thought he made some plays, I thought he did a nice job out there," D'Antonio said. "A few times the protection broke down and he did a good job with his feet out there today. There were some low snaps. I thought he played pretty well. He was competitive, he had an edge to him. All in all, I was very happy with Brian, I wish he didn't throw an interception at the end of the game because nobody likes to end it like that. He's had a great career here, he's quarterbacked this team to nine victories, and you look at the seven we had last year, and I thought he did a nice job in the last two years."

Hoyer will not be a sexy draft pick by any account, but he has good size and good physical tools, and could be a perfect quarterback for a team to develop.

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