Montell Owens Interview

A in-depth interview with Jaguars special teams ace Montell Owens.

The Jags coaching staff is in Alabama right now coaching the senior bowl. Have you ever played in any big time game at any time during your football career?

No, not at all. Only college football, high school football- never any bowl games, anything. When I was in college I never really had a chance until my senior year so I kind of took it day by day, I just worked hard for the team that I was on. I was playing for the University of Maine; I wanted to be great there. So I did all that I could do to be the greatest I could be so we could win With that said, it took me a little further so now that I'm here, I've implemented the same philosophy where I owe my teammates my best so.

What was it like scoring your first touchdown?

[Laughing] I really didn't know what to think, because it's been a while…about 3 years since I've scored a touchdown, my senior year of college. It was an adrenaline rush and it felt good.

What do you think your future role on this team will be?

Right now I'm predominately a special team's guy and I've accepted that role with open arms. That's something I'm embracing. I'd like to play special teams the rest of my career. If that takes me elsewhere, if that takes me to the back field then so be it. I remember during training camp Rookie year I was back there at safety. As long as I'm on the field somewhere, I feel great; I love the game of football.

Can you see yourself being a starting running back or fullback in the league one day?

I can. I can envision it but obviously that's not where I am now. All of my focus now is to hold up this special teams unit, to piece that thing together and to keep us rolling.

Assuming Anthony Cotrone and Greg Jones both come back healthy, do you think you will make a position switch, possibly to running back or fullback?

I don't know. I'm not too worried about that, we're worried about winning championships whatever it takes if they put me back in the backfield, so be it if they keep me on special teams so be it. I've embraced the role as a special team's guy.

After the Richard Collier situation, do you think the team really pulled together on and off the field or do you think it affected the team's play?

There were a bunch of mixed emotions. You're dealing with guys from over a broad perspective you're dealing with some guys that took it well, some guys that didn't. All in all it did bring everyone together because for those guys that took it hard, those were the guys that we uplifted, those are the guys that we said- come on man, everything is going to be alright. In a way, after what happened to Richard in no way was a positive thing but the positive that was brought out of it was that it brought the team closer together.

There has been a lot of coaching adjustments for next season, what's your take on that?

That's just the way the game is. This is the NFL and there's still that business aspect to the game. Obviously you're going to have coaches, you're going to have players that are going to come and go. We are going to have people in the front office that come and go, that just comes with the territory.

What do you think this team needs to improve on?

This team really needs more leadership. And we have great leaders and that leadership is pretty much going to mold this team. it's really all about the little things and that's one of things as a special teams captain that I'm going to put more emphasis on going into this next season is having us do more little things because the little things are what's going to win games and what's going to lose games so that's what I feel this team really needs to do. We have all the talent in the world but it's all about doing the little things.

What are your future goals for here in Jacksonville and for your future in the NFL?

This time next year I rather be playing, that's my goal.

What does it mean to get that contract extension?

Well I really thank God for this contract extension, I really feel as though it's another opportunity it really feels good to play for a team that really believes in you and the Jaguar community believes in you. A lot of times you've got guys that play for various teams that are just not liked. They're just there. They are pretty much just a body. That's a tough environment to play in. But I feel comfortable here and that's why I decided to stay.

What caused you to make the team and each and every year here in Jacksonville?

I've pretty much been level-headed, I was never too high and I was never too low and again, it's a roller coaster ride sometimes during your rookie year. Coming in as an undrafted guy sometimes I was like, "Man, I don't know if this is going to work out." I'm just glad I had a family behind me and I had my God to pray to and that's what kept me uplifted. But I apply the same philosophy every year, It's another opportunity and one thing the Jaguars can guarantee out of Montell is that they are going to get his best and that's what I give every day and if my best is not good enough, then so be it. But usually hard work always beats talent and that's what I believe in.


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