Best Available Could Match Need for Jaguars

Every team in the NFL claims to have a best available player philosophy when it comes to the draft, but the temptation of filling an immediate need usually wins out. The Jags have certainly fallen into that trap in recent years as seemingly every first-round pick has addressed an area of perceived need. This year the Jaguars may be in luck. Find out who they are considering.

This year, need may very well match value when Jacksonville goes on the clock at pick number eight, as this is a draft class filled with top offensive tackle prospects. A name you may certainly hear when it's the Jaguars turn to pick could be Michael Oher.

Michael Oher is a fit, trim, 6'5", 309 lb. tackle who is one of the handful of top rated tackles in the 2009 draft class. Oher has great athleticism, a good build, and long arms. His athleticism allows him to pull block, but many scouts believe that he is a better pass blocker than run blocker.

Oher earned not only first-team all-SEC honors, but was also a first-team All-America performer. JagNation caught up with him at the Senior Bowl and he spoke about some of his objectives.

"I'm just trying to show them that I'm physical, quick, fast, and have all the tools," Oher said.

The Jaguars are extra familiar with Oher and his work, as Jack Del Rio and his staff coached up the South team in the Senior Bowl which Oher was a part of. Oher spoke about his dealings with Jaguars offensive line coach Andy Heck.

"He's a great guy and he knows what he's doing," Oher said of the Jags coach. "He's an NFL coach so it's always a great opportunity to learn (from him)."

The list of top offensive tackles seemingly changes from month to month, if not week to week, with Andre Smith, Jason Smith, Eugene Monroe, and Michael Oher all vying for top honors.

Jags brass observing Oher
"I was just trying to prove that I have the total package to be an elite left tackle in the NFL," Oher said when he was asked what he hoped to display during Senior Bowl week.

Oher was asked about his work ethic, as that is one of the biggest things that teams look for, especially when they're about to gamble a first-round pick and the millions of guaranteed dollars that go with it.

"I'm a hard worker," Oher said confidently. "I'm one of the most competitive players in the game. I'm going to give them everything I got on every snap."

It's impossible to succeed in the NFL if you're not completely confident, and Michael Oher appears to have supreme confidence.

"I feel that I'm a good player," Oher said when asked what the team that drafts him is going to get. Oher then paused and added, "Any team that picks me in the draft is going to get a great player."

Michael Oher can certainly talk to talk, and after four solid seasons and numerous collegiate accolades he has walked the walk. Will he be able to continue his success on the next level? That's the potential $20 million question.

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