Jacksonville Jaguars: Operation Rebuild

With the release of 11-year Jaguars veteran running back Fred Taylor Monday afternoon, the Jacksonville Jaguars commenced "Operation Rebuild." All signs had been pointing to hints of the Jaguars beginning the rebuilding process when new General Manager Gene Smith said things like, "we are going to look to build through the draft."

Fred Taylor will likely not be the last veteran to leave the Jaguars this offseason. If the team is dedicated to a full rebuild, we can expect to see some other big names leave the team. A couple names to keep an eye on in the coming weeks and during the draft are defensive linemen John Henderson and Paul Spicer. Neither player's production has met their salaries, and both are up in age. John Henderson could be shipped off on draft day for extra picks in what many consider to be a deep draft, and Paul Spicer could be a camp casualty as the team looks to get younger across the board.

"It's a good draft. The underclassmen have strengthened the draft, especially at the top end," Gene Smith said.

Luckily for the Jaguars, they are in prime position to begin a rebuild mode. They currently own the 8th overall pick in the upcoming draft and could be in prime position to trade down and stockpile some extra selections. One likely scenario involves the New York Jets and recently "retired" quarterback Brett Favre. The Jets have a new head coach in former Baltimore defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, and generally a new head coach comes with a new quarterback. If the Jets do not go after a quarterback in free agency, look for them to try and move up to acquire whichever quarterback is left. It is very possible either USC quarterback Mark Sanchez or Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford could be available at the 8th overall pick. If that were the case, the Jaguars could hope to strike a deal with the New York Jets and pick up some extra picks, while moving out of the Top 10 in the draft. Some other possible suitors who could look to move up for a quarterback are the San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or Minnesota Vikings.

If this were the case, the Jacksonville Jaguars could enforce their seemingly new found "best available player" philosophy they plan to use in the upcoming draft.

"To sustain success, you have to draft well," Jaguars general manager Gene Smith said. "We have a head coach who believes in player development. There are coaches who believe in the next game, not the next year. In roster-building, you have to think about the next year. Jack (Del Rio) has a lot of scout in him. I've got some coach in me, but he's got some scout in him."

Then again, if the Jacksonville Jaguars are really committed to rebuilding, they could just as easily select one of the quarterbacks who could be available at the 8th overall pick and begin to groom them for the future, as David Garrard has been average to below average for the majority of his career, and is already 31 years old.

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