Best Available Free Agent Options for Jags

The Jaguars must field a team this year and although they've made it clear that they'd like to rebuild through the draft, they have just six picks. We're going to examine some of the top players remaining in free agency and how they would fit in the Jaguars plans, if at all.

When new Jaguars general manager Gene Smith eluded to the fact his team wouldn't be taking part in big free agent spending on big names, he was certainly true to his word. Aside from a minor special teams contributor in Sean Considine, the team has opted to enforce a "just say no" philosophy during the opening week of free agency madness.

Let's look a little deeper:

Offensive Line

Former Philadelphia Eagles Pro Bowl left tackle Tra Thomas stopped in to JMS for a visit, and left without coming to a deal. Thomas seems like a perfect fit as a stop-gap type of lineman which would allow the Jaguars to draft and develop the blindside protector of the future. Still, in this inflated free agent market, the 34-year old Thomas is going to need to "feed his family," and is reportedly looking for a deal north of $5 million per year.


Some of the top safeties in free agency are still available, as Jermaine Phillips and Sean Jones remain unsigned. Clearly, these two players are very talented, so money must be the issue. Although the Jags have plenty of breathing room in terms of the salary cap, the money spent on free agents is real money, and with a team that's expected to struggle selling tickets, neither Phillips nor Jones will put the proverbial butts in the seats. Either player would fill a need, but there's a reason why many teams have opted to sign some of the lesser priced guys like James Sanders, C.C. Brown, and Jim Leonhard; they feel as if there's not that great of a drop off in talent from the top guys to the lesser guys, at least not great enough to justify the big dollars. As free agency goes on, Phillips and Jones's prices will drop, and the Jaguars could then be a player.


The Jaguars have a need for a nickel corner, but free agency will likely not be the answer. The top guys left are all on the decline (Chris McAllister, Dre Bly, Leigh Bodden), and with the Jaguars re-signing Scott Starks, he will likely have the first opportunity to win the job.

Wide Receiver

No to T.O. The Jags have a need for a receiver, but Owens is divisive, and getting worse. The end is near for Owens, and it simply doesn't make sense for the team to rebuild around a 35-year old. Same applies for Marvin Harrison and Joey Galloway. Some players that the team may take a chance on are Ronald Curry, Brandon Lloyd, or Mike Furrey.

Defensive Line

The Jags need some more depth and talent in the middle, and a player which the team could take a chance on is former Detroit Lion Shaun Cody. Cody is a former second-round pick by the Lions who has largely disappointed in Detroit, but really, what hasn't? Cody should come cheap, and at 26 years old, he could resurrect his career.

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