Ask the Editor: Part I

It's that time again. Shoot us your best questions and we'll field them. Everything you always wanted to know, but didn't have anyone to ask.

JonesDrew32- Should the Jaguars bring in an older WR such as Harrison or Holt in a trade or even Amani Toomer as a stop-gap?

I don't see the purpose of a rebuilding team signing a wide receiver that's clearly on the decline like the three guys you mentioned. The Tra Thomas signing was necessary because the team didn't have anyone to play the premium position of left tackle, and that could be disastrous, but I think they can find a young wideout that can fill in at a similar level as Harrison, Holt, and Toomer right now.

Yeayo- Should the Jaguars players avoid visiting their po-dunk hometowns with their flashy new personas in the offseason?

Some would say that they play in a po-dunk NFL town.

TealBlood22- When going through a phase like ours, would you consider it more important to focus on defense or offense? The reason I ask is for identity purposes. A few years ago we were defense and running offense. When you played us, it's what you got. Now we have a defense that can't really do anything, lacks a corner and needs another DT. Our offensive line could use a youth movement and our WR's are in need of an upgrade to say the least. So going in, what do you want to focus on if your drafting? I realize it all comes down to the draft and whose left and who we have on our board, but where would your focus be?

In the Jaguars current position, they need to focus on getting more talent, whether it is on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. My more famous colleague would say to just stick to BAP, and he's right. That said, I think it's a quarterbacks league and you need to get a franchise quarterback or at least one that won't fold at crunch time. With a great QB, anything is possible.

JagHombre22- Do you think the Magic have what it takes to take down Boston and Cleveland in the playoffs?

The NBA is very much about matchups, and most of the time the best team wins the title. The Magic are a very good team, but they are dependant on the outside shot and some nights the outside shot just doesn't fall. If Dwight Howard shows up big every night and can stay out of foul trouble, they can beat anyone. I love the matchup against Cleveland, but I hate the matchup against Boston if the Celtics are at full strength.

Casey885- Hey Charlie, does the signing of Thomas indicate that the LT prospects didn't impress Gene Smith enough, or is it really to just allow more flexibility during the draft? And what are the chances Aaron Curry is in a Jaguars uniform next year? I have a hunch Jacksonville and New York (Jets) will be swapping spots. Your thoughts?

Okay, the way the draft seems to be shaking out, Eugene Monroe and Jason Smith seem worthy of the eighth overall pick, but they likely won't last that far. Andre Smith is talented, but has major red flags and in my mind poses far too great of a risk in the top 10. Michael Oher just doesn't rate quite that high.

There's a better chance that Tom Brady is in a Jaguars uniform next year, and I don't think he's on the market. Curry may be the first overall pick, and he won't get past Kansas City at pick #3. The Jaguars are in no position to trade up, especially for a linebacker.

As for the Jags and Jets doing a deal, it just doesn't seem likely to me. The Jets probably need a quarterback, as they seem ready to win now, and trading up for a Mark Sanchez likely won't make them a playoff team in 2009. They already have a young QB on the roster in Kellen Clemens, and he's about as sure of a thing as Sanchez, after just one year of collegiate starting experience. The Jets need a veteran quarterback right now, not to mention that some people believe that Josh Freeman may be a better prospect than Sanchez, and he could be available at pick #20. Everyone says that Jacksonville should just trade down, but it's really not that easy. Why do they want to trade down? Because there's not much difference between the level of prospect at pick eight to pick 20? If so, then why would anyone want to trade up? A trade down is possible, but not likely.

Jagsfan30- How's the baby doing? Any pics?

The baby and her mother are both good, thanks for asking. Here are some pics: CLICK HERE

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