Ask the Editor: Part II

A second dose where you ask the questions and we give the answers. Today we'll discuss Matt Jones' golf game, beer prices, John Henderson, and more.

JagTom0025-- 1.How likely is the team to cut Matt, and if they do release him what round do you see us drafting a WR? 2. If a car A is traveling at 68 mph in the south bound lane and car B is traveling at 83 mph in the north bound lane, how much will the price of beer go up at the stadium this year?

I am pretty sure that Gene Smith, Jack Del Rio, and Wayne Weaver, not to mention Todd Monken can't be too pleased with Matt Jones latest indiscretions, but I'm not sure cutting your best receiver is the smartest move. I would've bet the farm that Jones would have been released after last year's arrest, but I was wrong, and Matt played very well. With the current state of the wide receiver position, it wouldn't surprise me if they parted ways with Matt, but I have a feeling he will be on the opening day roster, if he's not suspended. I believe they could draft a receiver anywhere from the second round on down.

As for your second question, I don't drink beer, and even if I did, I couldn't afford to drink it at the stadium.

JdMiller4life-- What is the probability that Big John Henderson will be traded or packaged in a deal for picks/players in this year's draft?

I think there's a very good chance, I'll say 75/25 that Henderson isn't on the opening day roster. I checked some league sources and he has trade value, some believe that he has more value than Marcus Stroud did last year. The right move is to get what you can for a declining player.

Perplexing1-- Where doing you see Alphonso Smith going, and do you think that he would be possibility for the Jags if he is around when they pick in the 2nd round?

I see Smith going anywhere from pick 20-30. If he was available at pick #39, I couldn't imagine a much better pick. Great kid, great player.

Jsrtreeson-- Do you think the Magic have what it takes to ever beat Detroit ever?

I'm sure they will beat Detroit sometime this millennium. I'm going to go out on a limb—if the Magic play Detroit in the first round of the playoffs, I'm taking Orlando. They will learn from all of these losses and by then Iverson will be back to sink the Pistons.

TealBlood22-- I just asked Vic this so I thought id ask you so I can more than likely get an answer, but I'm watching Bears at Packers (1985) on NFL Network. I noticed Jim Zorn has a slow release and it had me wonder...big arm vs. quick release. Stafford vs. Sanchez. What is more coveted? I mean Leftwich had a big arm but an ultra slow release and he was coveted.

With a big arm, all things are possible. You don't have to have the enormous Elway-esque arm to succeed, but it sure makes up for a lot of mistakes. You mentioned Byron Leftwich. He has a slow release, but a big arm and he rarely throws interceptions. Why? He's a smart quarterback who's careful with the ball and he has enough arm strength to fit it into tight spots. There are so many more things that go into a quarterback's evaluation, such as field presence, intelligence to read a defense, and touch and accuracy, but make no mistake about it, if a quarterback can't make all the throws, he can only be so good. There will always be limitations. Look at Chad Pennington, he has virtually no arm, but he is successful by having a quick release and the ability to read a defense. Unfortunately, Pennington won't win a Super Bowl as a starting QB because a very good defense can force him to throw outside the numbers where he isn't successful.

Joshman792-- Can you get Matt Jones to be in my golf group in the next Ask Vic golf tourney?

Nope, all I can get are hack sportswriters that can hit 300 yards consistently (sometimes 300 straight, sometimes 150 straight, then 150 right), a couple of not great lefty's, and one guy who knows what he's doing enough to carry the team to a mediocre finish. Oh wait, that's my team.

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