More SEC for Jags

The Jaguars have never been a team to shy away from SEC talent, as the Southeastern Conference makes up not only a large part of the team's roster, but also a large percentage of the team's first-round picks (including the last two). Find out which SEC receiver the Jags showed great interest in during Senior Bowl week.

University of South Carolina receiver Kenny McKinley is trying to disprove the theory that Steve Spurrier receivers don't make great pros. McKinley is the anti-Jags type of receiver, as he is smaller and quicker, instead of one of the giant, basketball player types.

McKinley stands 6'0" tall, and weighs in at just 182 lbs., but he has great speed that he couldn't show off completely while at South Carolina, due mostly to the lack of quarterback talent around him. In his senior year, McKinley caught 48 passes for 556 yards and four touchdowns.

Despite the lack of big time numbers, McKinley rates well by scouts as he is quick and shifty, and surprisingly tough and durable for his size. The former Gamecock catches the ball with his hands, something that many smaller receivers don't do well, and he is a willing blocker despite his lack of size.

McKinley used the Senior Bowl to market himself around the league, and he appeared to do a good job.

"The Senior Bowl is like an interview process," McKinley described in an exclusive interview. "What it does is that it puts us ahead of some other guys who aren't here. We can show our skills to the coaches and GM's that are here early. Maybe if we're not on their draft board, we can jump on their draft board."

McKinley described his post-collegiate, pre-draft experience to us—

"The first thing they go over is your game film, then you have to go out there and run the times and then do the things that teams want to see you do. This offseason training is a major part of the process. I'm training hard up in New Jersey and getting after it. The whole part is a big interview and to hopefully be a big job."

The businesslike approach that McKinley has taken has served him well as he has gone from a priority free agent to a player who could go as high as the early second-day of the draft. McKinley spoke about what an NFL team is going to get if they take a chance on him.

"I can play the slot or the outside receiver," McKinley said as he described his versatility. "Whichever position the coaches put me at, I feel I can shine at it. I have the quickness, the heart, the hands to catch the ball, and the good route running skills to be a threat. I can go over the middle and I can go outside. I feel that I'm a versatile player and I want to prove that this week."

McKinley certainly found his way onto the Jaguars board, and he could find his way into a teal uniform when training camp rolls around.

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