Jags Eyeing Veteran Receiver

The NFL Network is reporting that the Jaguars have been in contact with the agent for former Rams wide receiver Torry Holt. JagNation has the insider scouting report on Holt and how good of a fit he would be in Jacksonville.

Torry Holt's release from St. Louis was purely for monetary purposes, as Holt had roughly a $10 million cap number for 2009. The former sixth overall pick from N.C. State ranks second in team history in receptions (869), receiving yards (12.660) and receiving touchdowns (74).

"The Rams will forever be grateful for the way Torry Holt represented the Rams on the field and in the community," said Rams Owner/Chairman Chip Rosenbloom. "He is an All-Pro in every sense of the word. Over the past 10 seasons Torry has proven himself to be one of the finest wide receivers in league history. This is a difficult decision because Torry has meant so much to the organization. In my mind and for all Rams fans, Torry will always be a Ram and we wish him and his family nothing but the best as they move forward."

Although Holt is slowing down in terms of production (64 receptions, 796 yards, three touchdowns in 2008), he is still a better pass catching option than anyone on the Jaguars current roster, and arguably could be the best receiver in team history. Holt can also serve as a mentor to some of the Jaguars younger wideouts, something that the team hasn't had since Jimmy Smith retired following the 2005 season.

"It would help me out, it would help the receiving corps out and it would help the Jaguars out. A guy like a Marvin Harrison or a Torry Holt, who's been to the Pro Bowl and the big game, can teach me how to prepare myself in training camp and in the film room. Holt's a great player. I'm still learning the game. I wouldn't mind modeling myself after someone like Holt," Jaguars wideout Mike Walker said.

JagNation asked Scout.com NFL Expert and former St. Louis Rams scout, Tom Marino about Holt and how much he thought that the former Ram had left—

He doesn't run as well as he once did, he is not combative in traffic (will run out of bounds or slide rather than fight for yards) and has an arthritic knee which is never going to get any better. He still is a very talented receiver who brings very good skill set to the position. He is an excellent team guy and can be countered on with the game on the line. He will also do wonders working with the developing players. He's a class act and a clutch player.

I would really question his durability and ability to separate on 7 and 9 routes. He is very good working the sidelines and converting routes. He is also very good with the press. I'd say he's a 4.55 to 4.58 guy right now, but he understands coverages as well as anyone.

On the personal side, he doesn't need to play football again. He still has his first communion money and is a very practical, young man who usually thinks things out.

The other side of the coin concerning the Jaguars signing a player such as Torry Holt is well, "coin." How much would Holt demand? The Jaguars are clearly in a rebuilding mode and how much would it benefit the team to sign a soon-to-be 33-year old wideout whose best days are clearly behind him? If the number is around $3 million per season it would probably make sense. If the amount escalates into the $5-6 million range, that may be too much for a cash-strapped team like the Jaguars who are likely to have some difficulties selling tickets.

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