Insider Info: Quarterbacks for Jaguars

Everyone knows that JagNation is your number one source for all independent, unfiltered, and unbiased Jaguars related information. We are now going to share some information from our "master list" on which players the Jaguars have shown interest in, interviewed, attended workouts, and had in for visits.

We are going to start with the quarterbacks. You probably know about the big two, Sanchez and Stafford, but what about the others that your Jaguars have shown interest in?

Mark Sanchez, USC - Sanchez had a spectacular pro day, and there is growing momentum that he may be the top pick in this draft. The Jaguars have been with him every step of the way and if there's a chance they could get him, they will. For more on Sanchez:

Matthew Stafford, Georgia - Stafford has a fantastic arm and had a great pro day in his own right. Stafford could go as high as one, and if Seattle passes on him he could fall right into the Jaguars lap at pick #8. If he's there, the team will take him. For more on Stafford:

Josh Freeman, Kansas State - Freeman has great measurables with superior arm strength and solid mobility, but he has been inconsistent in his collegiate career and will likely have to sit for at least one year. He's slated to go around the middle of round one, and we doubt that the Jags will reach for him at pick #8.

Stephen McGee, Texas A&M - He's big and mobile, although he has just adequate arm strength. Middle round pick who is purely a developmental guy. Very smart player.

John Parker Wilson, Alabama - Wilson impressed Jaguars coaches at the Senior Bowl, and quarterbacks coach Mike Shula used to coach Wilson at Alabama. Wilson has an above average arm and good intangibles, but he's another middle round developmental guy.

Pat White, West Virginia - White has unbelievable skills with the ball in his hands, but he's short and unconventional. He has impressed many people throughout the draft process, and he could be as high as a second-round pick.

Hunter Cantwell, Louisville - Cantwell is a standard pocket passer, who never seemed to live up to expectations as a senior. Purely a developmental guy, probably a late-round pick.

Brian Hoyer, Michigan State - Hoyer didn't have great talent around him as a senior, and was a little inconsistent. A solid pocket passer, Hoyer has a very good arm and has been picking up momentum after a fine pro day. For more on Hoyer:

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