New Quarterback for Jacksonville Jaguars?

The Jaguars have talked about getting younger at the quarterback position, and there could be a player that is on the team's radar that isn't named Nathan Brown. Find out which young gunslinger the team may look to add.

When the Miami Dolphins selected quarterback Pat White in the second round, for all practical purposes it ended former BYU standout John Beck's tenure in Miami. On Monday, the Dolphins made it official as they handed the young Mormon his walking papers.

"We want to thank John for his work ethic and his professionalism," General Manager Jeff Ireland said. "We wish him well in the future."

Beck was truly a victim of numbers in Miami, as they have incumbent veteran starter Chad Pennington, along with former second-round pick (2008) Chad Henne, and Saturday's second-round draft pick Pat White. Beck was a second-round pick himself, but he was selected by the Dolphins previous regime, and Miami "Czar" Bill Parcells had no attachment to the quarterback.

We asked Dolphin Digest publisher Alain Poupart for a scouting report and this is what he had to say—

Mind you, we have a very small sample to work from, but when he got playing time in the 2007 regular season, he looked really, really overmatched. In his defense, he was playing on a putrid offense, but he looked out of place, like he'd never played quarterback before. He also didn't look very good, either in practice or in the preseason last summer and it was pretty much accepted as fact that he would be released if the Dolphins couldn't find someone to give them a draft pick for him.

From what we've seen of Beck, he's not imposing physically, doesn't have a particularly impressive arm and didn't dazzle anyone with his throws in practice. Who knows, maybe he'll become a decent quarterback at some point, but I just don't see it.

So would he work in Jacksonville? We're not sure, but he's certainly worth a look. The 6'2", 216 lb. quarterback's body is much younger than his 27, soon-to-be 28 year old birth certificate may say. Beck has played in just five NFL games, all of which came in his rookie season of 2007.

Beck is yet to win a professional game as a starter, but the Jaguars were reportedly high on him during the 2007 draft. With Cleo Lemon as the current backup quarterback, and Paul Smith and Nathan Brown rounding out the quarterback depth behind David Garrard, the Jaguars certainly have more questions than answers at the position.

Jacksonville has gone the longest without drafting a quarterback, as the last signal caller on the Jaguars draft card was Byron Leftwich back in 2003. If the team were to bring in Beck, they would have a second chance to get younger, even if it's just a little younger at the quarterback position.

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